<p>The brain makes us who we are. It's&nbsp;the control center that manages thoughts, emotions, and&nbsp;even our perception of time. But for many of us, the brain remains a mystery.</p> <p>This season, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a practicing neurosurgeon, explains&nbsp;how this 3-pound organ impacts our physical and mental health. As Dr. Gupta demystifies the brain, you'll learn tangible takeaways to help you&nbsp;sleep better, eat healthier, and live longer.</p>


Title Date published
Resetting Expectations 2022-01-18
Our Top Takeaways: Worth the Wait 2022-01-11
Small Steps. Big Rewards 2022-01-04
Our Top Takeaways: Managing Anger 2021-12-28
The Science of Grit 2021-12-21
(Don’t) Call Me, Maybe 2021-12-14
In the Blink of an Eye 2021-12-07
Pain is a Four-Letter Word 2021-11-30
Recipe for a Happy (and Healthy) Thanksgiving 2021-11-23
Food as Medicine 2021-11-16
Giving Kids a Shot 2021-11-09
Breaking Up with Your Bad Habits 2021-11-02
Facing Your Fears 2021-10-26
What Are You Waiting For? 2021-10-19
The Power of Nudges 2021-10-12
Trust Me 2021-10-05
Why Am I So Angry? 2021-09-28
Preparing for the Next Pandemic 2021-09-21
Feeling the Heat 2021-09-14
Chasing a Cure 2021-09-07

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