Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
7/24/24: Kamala To Fire Biden State Dep, JD Vance Historically Unpopular, GOP Attacks Kamala As DEI Hire, Trump Confirms Kamala Debates, Bibi Arrives To DC 2024-07-24
7/23/24: Kamala Historic Fundraising, Secret Service Grilled In Congress, Dearborn Mayor Speaks Out On Bibi Visit, Biden Disappears, RFK Jr Offered Trump Endorsement For Cabinet Slot 2024-07-23
7/22/24: Obama & Pelosi Force Biden Out, GOP Meltdown Over Biden Dropout, Van Jones Weeps Praising Biden, VP Predictions, Houthis Strike Israel 2024-07-22
7/18/24 BREAKING: Biden Out THIS WEEKEND Per Report 2024-07-19
7/18/24: Biden Media Attacks JD On Abortion, Trump Shooting No Effect On Polls, Pelosi War On Biden To Drop Out, Secret Service Blames Sloped Roof 2024-07-18
7/17/24: RNC LIVE Breakdown w/Ryan And Emily 2024-07-18
7/16/24: Trump Picks JD For VP, Teamsters Pres Knifes Biden At RNC, Cop Saw Shooter 30 Minutes Prior, Biden Collapses In Blue States, Trump Docs Case Tossed Out 2024-07-16
7/15/24: Photos Expose Secret Service Breakdown At Trump Rally, Dems Give Up On Replacing Biden, Trump Rewrites RNC Speech For Unity, Dem Floats Wild Putin Trump Conspiracy 2024-07-15
7/14/24: BREAKING: Trump ASSASSINATION Plot Details REVEALED 2024-07-14
7/12/14: Cenk Vs MegaDonor: Should Biden Drop Out? 2024-07-13
Krystal & Saagar REACT: Biden Calls TRUMP VP In CONFUSED Presser 2024-07-12
7/11/24: Pelosi Shanks Biden, Obama Moves With Clooney Drop Out Call, NY In Play As Biden Polls Collapse, KJP Caught In Another Parkinson's Lie, Trump Teases Shock VP 2024-07-11
7/10/24: Dems Fracture Over Biden Drop Out, Jon Stewart Unloads On Dems, Neurologist Says Biden Clear Parkinson's, Kamala Surges Against Trump, Biden DOJ War On UAW Over Gaza 2024-07-10
7/9/24: Medical Journal Says 186k Killed In Gaza, Hamas Leaders Reveal True Oct 7 Plans, Owen Jones Dire Warning For UK Labour, French Left Shocks Le Pen In Elections 2024-07-09
7/9/24: KJP Melt Down Over Parkinson's Coverup, Biden Rants On Morning Joe, The View Says Fine If Biden Poops Pants 2024-07-09
7/8/24: Biden Refuses To Drop Out, Dems Plot Revolt, Kamala To Replace Biden, BlueAnon Conspiracies, Disney Heiress Donor Speaks Out 2024-07-08
7/5/24: DEFIANT BIDEN: 'Not Dropping Out,' REFUSES Cognitive Test 2024-07-06
RFK JR EXCLUSIVE: Biden Unfit To Serve, Dem Party Nomination, New Vanity Fair Allegations 2024-07-02
7/2/24: SCOTUS Gives Trump Immunity, Gov Agencies Cut By SCOTUS, Biden Polling Collapse, Dem Knives Out For Biden After Debate 2024-07-02

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