Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
7/1/24: NYT Says Biden Drop Out, Kamala Implodes Defending Debate, Biden Donor Revolt, 72% Say Biden Mentally Unfit, Far Right Stuns Macron In French Elections, Glenn Greenwald Sounds Off On Biden Age 2024-07-01
6/29/24: Dave Smith VS Vaush: Did NATO Expansion Push Ukraine Invasion? 2024-06-29
6/28/24: Presidential Debate Reaction: Panel STUNNED By Senile Biden 2024-06-28
6/26/24: Hillary Says 'Impossible' To Debate Trump, Bowman Trounced By AIPAC, Kenya On Fire As Troops Occupy Haiti, Ryan Exposes Pro-Israel Group Lies, MIT Nuke Expert Dire Warning On Ukraine 2024-06-26
6/25/24: AIPAC Spends $15 Million To Oust Bowman, Media Lies About Synagogue Protests, War Scholar Says Hamas Has Won 2024-06-25
6/25/24: Assange Freed, CNN Cuts Trump Spox Live, Debate Predictions, Ukraine Bombs Civilians In Crimea, Macron Brutal Defeat, CNN Blocks BP From Streaming Debate 2024-06-25
6/24/24: Biden Panics As Dems Boycott Bibi Speech, Biden Greenlights Hezbollah War, New Tapes Expose 9/11 Saudi Conspiracy 2024-06-24
6/24/24: Trump Flips On Immigration, Trump VP Reveal, GenZ Rages At Boomer Economy, Corporate Greed Screws Americans 2024-06-24
6/21/24: Matt Taibbi On Trump, Elon, and Russia 2024-06-21
6/20/24: Nvidea Surge Exposes DotCom Bubble, Putin North Korea Screw You To Biden, Zyn Online Sales Shutdown 2024-06-20
6/20/24: CNN Biden Age Cope, Hezbollah Threatens Massive War, Boeing Victim Goes Off On CEO, Biden Gaza Pier Crumbles 2024-06-20
6/19/24: Candace Owens SOUNDS OFF: Ben Shapiro, Israel, Trump VP Pick 2024-06-19
6/19/24: Bibi Attacks Biden, Hezbollah Insane Drone Footage, Trump Punishes DeSantis Ally, Carville Says Trump Will Ditch Debate, Boeing Plane On Fire As CEO Grilled, Pentagon AntiVax Psyop 2024-06-19
6/18/24: Biden Bets On Trump Criminal Label, Mass Deportation Polling, Biden Trump Debate Preview, Cartoonish New Jersey Corruption, Israel Knew Oct 7 Blueprint Weeks Before 2024-06-18
6/17/24: Israel Uses Medieval Weapon, Hezbollah Tensions Escalate, US Dire Warning On Houthis, Briahna Joy Gray On The Hill Censorship 2024-06-17
6/17/24: MSNBC Biden Age Cope, Shock Poll Show High Turnout Helps Biden, Macronism Dead Ahead Of French Elections 2024-06-17
6/14/24: Ryan CLASHES With Right-Winger On Immigration, Biden, Economy - Counterpoints Fridays 2024-06-14
6/13/24: Israeli Journo Smacks Down Jake Tapper Live, UN Confirms Oct 7 Friendly Fire, Morning Joe Goes Full Bin Laden 2024-06-13
6/13/24: Trump And Biden Criminal And Corrupt Say Voters, Office Fire Sale Amid Real Estate Doom Spiral, McDonald's Surveillance Price Gouging 2024-06-13
6/12/24: Hunter Biden Convicted, Alito Wife Leaked Audio, Biden Gaslights On Israel Ceasefire, Feds Investigate UAW, Fox Caught Editing Trump Interview, Pakistan Abducts Imran Khan Allies 2024-06-12

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