Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
12/2/23: Krystal and Ryan LIVE at Politics and Prose Presents THE SQUAD 2023-12-02
12/1/23: Israel Bombing BACK ON, Stunning Oct 7 Failure Revealed, Krystal and Saagar REACT: Newsom Vs DeSantis Debate Highlights 2023-12-01
11/30/23: Henry Kissinger Dead At 100, AIPAC Lobbies WH Against Ceasefire, Elon Tells Advertisers Go F%%% Yourself, Mark Cuban 2024?, GM Humiliates Biden, CIA UFO Retrievals, Male Wages Plummet 2023-11-30
11/29/23: Israel Hamas Truce Extended, Elon Visits Israel, Bernie Weighs Conditioning Israel Aid, Koch Network Backs Nikki Haley, Desperate Push For Ukraine Funding, Black Friday Spending Reveals Bleak Economy, Ryan Spars With Ted Cruz On Israel And Gaza. 2023-11-29
11/28/23: Bibi Rejects Two State Solution, Man Arrested For Shooting Palestinians, WH Blames Social Media For Economic Worry, Home Sales Drop, AI Breakthrough And Altman Ouster, Ireland Censorship After Riots, AIPAC Bribes Tlaib Challengers, RNC Funding Plummets, And Santos Spills On Colleagues 2023-11-28
11/27/23: Hostages Released, Possible Ceasefire Extension, Massive Destruction In Gaza, Ukraine Official Says NATO Killed Peace, UFO Whistleblower Says We Aren't Alone, Fox News Falsely Claims Border Terrorist Attack, And US Officials Exposed On Israel Vs Ukraine Hypocrisy 2023-11-27
11/26/23: Ryan Reveals Secrets Of 'The Squad', Trump Winning Swing Voters, Australian Unions For Palestine, Dark Side Of McKinsey Consulting, UAW Wrap Up 2023-11-26
11/25/23: Norm Finkelstein GOES OFF: Israel, Hillary, Human Shields & Ben Shapiro 2023-11-25
11/24/23: Jocko Willink SOUNDS OFF On Israel Hamas War 2023-11-24
11/22/23: Hostage Deal REACHED With 4 Day Pause, Former Obama Aide RACIST Harassments Caught On Cam, WITCH-HUNT: Scream Actress FIRED For Palestine Posts 2023-11-22
11/21/23: Hezbollah Strikes Israel, Biden Admin Erupts Over 'Genocide Joe', Israel Jails Journalists, Cardi B Unloads On Biden Wars, Argentina Elects Wild New President, Cenk Uygur On Biden Brain Glitch, And Thanksgiving Politics 2023-11-21
11/20/23: Potential Hostage Deal Reached, Israel Friendly Fire On Oct 7th, IDF Reveals New Al-Shifa Evidence, US Freaks Over Israel Southern Offensive, Bin Laden Letter Goes Viral, Advertisers Flee Twitter After Elon Post, Sam Altman OpenAI Chaos, Democrat Says Biden Doomed In Michigan 2023-11-20
BREAKING: Israel CAUGHT Manipulating Al-Shifa Hospital Evidence 2023-11-18
11/16/23: Israel Underwhelms With Hospital Raid, Israel Ethnic Cleansing Debate, Biden And Xi Meet, Israel Support Plummets In US, DNC Ceasefire Protest Erupts, CNN Broadcasts IDF Lies, Nikki Claims Vivek Attacks Are Sexist, Candace Responds To Shapiro Attack, And Krystal Clashes With Dean Phillips On Israel 2023-11-16
11/15/23: Israel Storms Al Shifa, Pro-Israel Rally In DC, Shapiro Attacks Candace Owens, Senator Attemps To Fight Union Boss During Hearing, GOP Revolts Over Shutdown Deal, Wall Street Reacts To Inflation Data And GOP Backs Off Border Impeachment 2023-11-15
11/14/23: Israel Claims Total Gaza Control, Biden And Xi Meet, Newsom Cleans Up SF For China Visit, LA Highway Up In Flames, Tucker Joins Spanish Protests, And SCOTUS Creates Fake Ethics Code 2023-11-14
11/13/23: US Warns Israel Seeks Regional War, Krystal and Saagar Debate Israel Hospital Tactics, Israeli Minister Plans Nakba 2023, Elon Warns Of Terror Blowback, Ukraine Admits Blowing Up Nordstream, NYC Mayor FBI Raid, Real Estate Industry Free Fall, Elites Caught In High End Brothel 2023-11-13
11/10/23: Manchin Retires Imperiling Dem Senate 2024, Fact Check: Did Journos Have Advanced Knowledge Of Hamas Attack? 2023-11-10
11/9/23 EXCLUSIVE: Vivek SOUNDS OFF On 'SCUM,' Israel, Free Speech 2023-11-09
11/9/23: Krystal And Saagar REACT To Wildest Republican Debate Moments, Biden Endorses Gaza Occupation, Combat Footage Emerges, Republicans Cope Over Lost Elections, Tucker Shocked By Right Wing Censorship 2023-11-09

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