Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
10/15/23: 1 Million Flee Gaza As Iran Warns Of War 2023-10-15
10/12/23: US Confirms Israel Warned Before Attack, Major Gaza Destruction, Zelensky To Visit Israel, Lindsey Graham Calls For Holy War, House Speaker Updates, Wild Rhetoric On Israel &Palestine, Cenk Uygur Launches 2024 Bid, And Hannity Attacks RFK Jr 2023-10-12
10/11/23: Biden Speech On Israel And Gaza, Lindsey Graham Wants War With Iran, Tragic Reports Out Of Israeli Kibbutz, Gaza Bombing, Finland Pipeline Damaged By "External Activity", Hillary Calls For MAGA Deprogramming, Santos Indicted For Fraud, And MORE! 2023-10-11
10/10/23: Israel Tells Biden Gaza INVASION Imminent, Bibi Ignored Egyptian Intel, Fake Videos, McCarthy Plots Speaker Return, MAGA Freaks Over RFK Jr., Newsom Vetos Insulin, Biden Questioned Over Class Docs, ADL Attacks MSNBC Anchors 2023-10-10
10/9/23: 100,000 Israeli's Mobilize For Gaza Siege, Americans Confirmed Dead, Hostages, History of Gaza and Hamas, Netanyahu Blamed, Empty Speakership, Nikki Haley Says 'Finish Them', Debunking Biden 6 Billion Iran, Final Thoughts 2023-10-09
10/7/23 BREAKING: ROCKETS, HOSTAGES: Israel SHOCKED By Hamas Attack 2023-10-07
10/6/23: Cardi B Loves FDR, Teenagers Scammed By Sexting, Diploma Divide, Aaron Rodgers "Mr. Pfizer" Joke, Saudi Water Deal Cancelled, Menendez Wife Car Killing, Health Issues With Big Corp Food Preservation 2023-10-06
10/5/23: Republican Speaker Civil War, Ukraine Aid Loses Steam, Pelosi Booted From Office, Terrible Jobs Numbers, Third Party Skyrockets, Michael Lewis Insane SBF Defense, Payday Lenders Wrecked, Big Three Losing Billions On EV, UAW Worker Demands 2023-10-05
10/4/23: McCarthy Refuses To Run For Speaker, Hannity Floats Trump For Speaker, Largest Healthcare Strike In History, Hunter Pleads Not Guilty, SCOTUS Decides Fate Of CFPB, NC GOP Public Records Scandal, Nina Turner Launches New Pro Union Org And MORE! 2023-10-04
EMERGENCY POD: McCarthy OUSTED As Speaker 2023-10-03
10/3/23: McCarthy Speakership ENDING? Gaetz Files To Vacate, SBF Trump Bribe, 3 Massive Shocks To China Econ, Nazi Revisionism, UAW Calls Out Jim Cramer, Canada's Orwellian Podcasting, Trump Business Death Penalty, Ro Khanna On Newsom Labor 2023-10-03
10/2/23: Gaetz Promises End To McCarthy Speakership, UK Sending Troops To Ukraine, RFK Jr. To Run As Independent, 2nd Debate Ratings Bomb, Jamaal Bowman Fire Alarm Scandal, New Orleans Poison Pipes, What's "Real" Ukraine Victory 2023-10-02
9/29/23: Trillion Dollar Aircraft Only Flies 55% Of Time, CNN Data Chief "Fox News NEEDS Trump", Amazon's Free Shipping Scheme w/ Matt Stoller 2023-09-29
9/28/23 DEBATE SPECIAL: Winners And Losers Of Second GOP Debate, Trump Holds Rally At Non Union Plant, New Menendez Accusations, Fetterman Loses Senate Dress Code, Cenk Uygur Floats Potential 2024 Run 2023-09-28
9/27/23: Biden Joins UAW Picket Line, New Hunter Corruption Allegations, Judge Rules Trump Defrauded Banks, Iran's Influence Peddling In Washington, JPMorgan Settles Epstein Case, FTC Sues Amazon, Gov Shutdown Imminent, GOP Voter Realignment, And MORE! 2023-09-27
9/27/23: Second GOP Debate PREVIEW: Who Qualified, Predictions, Trump Skips Again 2023-09-27
9/26/23: Perfect Storm Economy, Debunking Auto CEO Lies, Menendez Uses Cuban Heritage, Newsom DeSantis Debate, New UFO Whistleblowers, Landmark Case For Podcasts, US Subsidizing Ukraine Businesses, EV Future, Big Pharma Corruption 2023-09-26
9/25/23: Democrats Freak Over Trump Plus 10 Poll, WGA Reach Agreement, Biden To Picket with UAW, Nazi Honored In Canadian Parliament, Gaetz Shutdown Politics, Menendez Race Card, Bachelor For Olds, Legalized Bribery, Anti Racist Grift 2023-09-25
9/25/23: Democrats Freak Over Trump Plus 10 Poll, WGA Strike Reach Agreement, Biden Picket with UAW, Nazi Honored In Canadian Parliament, Shutdown Politics, Menendez Pulls Race Card, Bachelor For Olds, Legalized Bribery, Anti Racist Grifter 2023-09-25
9/22/23: Murdoch Steps Down As Fox Chairman, Sound of Freedom Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Pope Knew Early About Holocaust, Obesity and Cardiac Death Rising, Partisan Futures, Spencer Snyder on Impossible Surviving on Minimum Wage 2023-09-22

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