Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
9/21/23 HEATED DEBATE: 2024 GOP Candidate Will Hurd Calls For Russia Strikes 2023-09-21
9/21/23: Zelensky Calls For Stripping Nukes From Russia, Ukraine Fires Controversial Spokesperson, Dems Panic Over Trump's Union Visit, Australian MP On Freeing Assange, Journalist Charged For Jan 6th, Republicans Attack Pro Union 2023-09-21
9/20/23: Tim Scott And Nikki Haley Attack UAW, Biden And Zelensky Plea For More Aid At UN, GOP Chaos Sets Up Gov Shutdown, Pakistan Gets IMF Bailout For Secret Ukraine Arms Deal, Russell Brand Demonetized On YouTube, Trump Plots Corporate Giveaway & MORE! 2023-09-20
9/19/23 Andrew Yang On 2024: Trump 'MILD FAVORITE' To Win 2023-09-19
9/19/23: F-35 Crash Debris Found, Zelensky Caught Lying On 60 Minutes, Trump Ditches Debate For Union, CNBC Freaks At CEO Pay, Biden Home Prices, Maher Delays Real Time Return, MSNBC Defends Kamala, Obama Dem Blocks Billionaire Tax, Senate Dress Code 2023-09-19
9/18/23: Neil deGrasse Tyson On Exploration, AI, UFOs, and Elon Musk 2023-09-18
9/18/23: Military Loses Airborne F-35, Ford CEO Freaks Over UAW, 100 Billion Student Loan Bomb, Trump on Abortion, Texas AG Survives Impeachment, Lauren Boebert BeetleJuice Debacle, Hasan Minhaj Admits Fake Stories, Drew Barrymore Weeps Over Scab Show 2023-09-18
9/16/23: Saagar Reacts NASA UFO Report, Sinister Federal Reserve Inflation w/ James Li, UAW Strike Worker Interview w/ Max Alvarez 2023-09-16
9/15/23: 4 Trump Supporters Vs 4 Undecided | (FULL) Breaking Points Focus Group w/ NH GOP Primary Voters On Candidates, Trump Charges, Abortion, and More 2023-09-15
9/14/23: BP Focus Group On Abortion, Social Security, Panic Over Biden Age, Pelosi Refuses To Endorse Kamala, Bidenomics, Romney Retires, Fatherly Love Excuse, Auto Strike Begins Tonight, Mexico Alien Body Hoax, Bill Maher Restarts Show 2023-09-14
9/13/23: McCarthy Starts Biden Impeachment Inquiry, Gaetz Push To Oust McCarthy, UAW Head Torches Billionaires, CIA Lab Leak Coverup, Biden Cuts Deal With Iran, Woody Harrelson Compares US To Russian, LA Snitch Line, Elites Demand Labor Pain, And MORE! 2023-09-13
9/12/23: BP EXCLUSIVE Focus Group: NH Voters On Age Limits, Trump Indictments, Ukraine Funding, WH Praises Saudis On 9/11, Covid Impacts Rural America, Kids Shift From TV To YouTube , IRS Targets Rich Tax Cheats, Media Freaks On Elon's StarLink, And MORE! 2023-09-12
9/11/23: BP Focus Group: Republicans FIGHT Over Trump, Predict Covid Election Rigging, React To Each Candidate, FL Arms Dealer Prints Billions Off Ukraine, Pelosi Re Election, Secret Service JFK Assassination, New Mexico BANS Guns, AI Destroys News 2023-09-11
9/8/23: Krystal And Kyle Debate Briahna Joy Gray On Green Party And Biden, Twitter Accused Of Aiding Saudi Human Rights Abuse, Trump Floats Debating Meghan Markle, Historic Antitrust Movement, And New Push For AI Regulation 2023-09-08
9/7/23: Working Class Historic Rejection Of Biden, Kamala "Ready To Be President", Rand Paul Blasts McConnel Health, Banks Face Real Estate Doom, Gen Z Turns On College, Mike Pence War On Populism, Krystal On Bidenomics, Liberty Gun Safes 2023-09-07
9/6/23: Mark Meadows May Flip On Trump, Biden's 2024 Economic Pitch, Elon Fights The ADL, China's Chip Breakthrough, McConnell Responds After Freeze, Tucker Pushes Obama Gay Conspiracy, Key Rhode Island Election, Media's Double Standards, And More! 2023-09-06
9/5/23: Nate Silver On Biden's Shocking Chances of Death, Dave Portnoy Says Trump Should Debate, Ukraine Aid Corruption, Burning Man, Trump Blasts EV Plan, Bill Maher Whines About Writers Strike, Original Movies, Hot Labor Summer, Freddie DeBoer New Book 2023-09-05
9/1/23: Partisan Hate Reaches New Highs, Almost Half American Homes Owned By Non Primary Resident, Millionaires Claim Financial Insecurity, Spanish Soccer Kiss Controversy, Late Night Hosts Start Podcast 2023-09-01
8/31/23: McConnell Freezes Again, KJP Defends Biden Age, Pod Save Bros Freak Over 2024 Polls, Pete-Vivek Flashback, FBI Collects DNA, Nepo HomeBuyers, CNN Invades HBO, Biden's Pharma Plan, Tucker Interviews Hungarian PM, Gen Z Debate on Biden 2024 2023-08-31
8/30/23: Florida Slammed By Hurricane Idalia, Biden Impeachment, DeSantis Heckled After Shooting, Park Ranger Rams Through Climate Protest, Biden Civil Rights Claim, US Declassifies Chilean Coup, Jen Psaki On Abortion, New Medicare Price Negotiations 2023-08-30

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