Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
8/29/23: Trump Trial Date On Super Tuesday, Dems Overwhelmingly Think Biden Too Old, Warren Buffet Bets Against Economy, Krystal Calls Out Bernie and Cornel West, Eminem Cease and Desists Vivek, Europe Freaks At Potential Trump 2.0, 4 Day Work Week 2023-08-29
8/28/23: Trump DOWN After Missing Republican Debates, Trump Mugshot, Putin Confirms Prigozhin Death, Panic Over Paid UPS Drivers, Oliver Anthony Calls Out Republicans, Media Simps Nikki Haley, BRICS Expansion Threatens PetroDollar 2023-08-28
8/25/23: Chaos At GOP Debate Climate Change Question, UAW Worker Interview w/ Max Alvarez, Spencer Snyder Asks New YorkersThird Party Candidates? 2023-08-25
8/24/23: REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS Krystal and Saagar BREAK DOWN, Winners and Losers, Trump Tucker Highlights Epstein/Civil War, Kyle and Emily Panel Debates 2023-08-24
8/23/23 DEBATE SPECIAL: Krystal and Saagar Predictions 2023-08-23
8/22/23: DeSantis Debate Plan, Vivek Accuses Newsmax Of Pay To Play, Wall Street Real Estate, BRICS Plan For Dedollarization, Screen Time Impact On Kids, Mr Beast Solves World Peace, Author On Corporate Tyranny 2023-08-22
8/21/23: California Storm & Earthquake, Trump Dodges Debate For Tucker Interview, Hawaii Officials Resign, Trump Lead Grows, DeSantis Attacks Trump Voters, Hunter Biden Updates, Michael Burry Bets Against US Market, American Scammers And Vivek Ramaswamy 2023-08-21
8/18/23: Male Loneliness Epidemic w/ Shoe0nHead, James Li On Government Dietary Guidelines, Matt Stoller On Stopping Corporate Mergers 2023-08-18
8/17/23: Biden Shamed Into Hawaii Visit, Fox News Disarray As Trump Beats DeSantis, Chinese Economy Plummeting, Passport Delays Nightmare Travel, Cops Rebuked In Kansas Raid, Youtube's New Medical Censorship, Homelessness Surges 2023-08-17
8/17/23: Former MSNBC Chris Matthews WILD DEBATE With Krystal And Saagar 2023-08-17
8/16/23: Trump Promises 'Irrefutable Report' On GA Indictment, Christie Passes DeSantis Poll, McCarthy Scrambles On Gov Shutdown, Narco Assassins In Ecuador, Blind Side Movie Lies?, Hillary Clinton On MSNBC, Pakistan Confirms Leaks 2023-08-16
8/15/23: Maui Death Toll Rises To 96, Hunter Special Counsel A Cover Up?, Increasing Suicide Deaths, Bill Maher Spars w/ Marianne Williamson, Kentucky AI Bus Disaster, New Ukraine Aid 2023-08-15
8/15/23 GA Trump Indictment Special: Krystal and Saagar REACT 2023-08-15
8/14/23: DeSantis Humiliated At Iowa Fair, Maui Residents Outraged At Disaster Relief, Trump Legal Team Texts, UPS 170k Salary, Auto Exec Caught Vacationing, Viral Rich Men North of Richmond Song, SBF Jailed, SF Workers Flee, Kansas Cops Raid Newspaper 2023-08-14
EMERGENCY POD: Hunter Biden Special Counsel Appointed 2023-08-11
8/11/23: Interviews At Trump Rally w/ John Russell, Zoom AI Face Scanning, WeWork Bankruptcy, Spencer Snyder On Rightwing Divorce Law 2023-08-11
8/10/23: Credit Card Debt Tops 1 Trillion, Feinstein Gives Up Power Of Attorney, FBI Raid Kills Utah Man, Fed Search Trump's Twitter, Fox Begs Trump Debate, LA Workers Rebel, Barstool Goes Independent, Ken Klippenstein Pressed On UFO Report 2023-08-10
8/9/23: Ohio Election Results, DeSantis Fires Campaign Manager, Biden Restores Pro-Union Rule, Americans Drain 401Ks, Montgomery Dock Brawl, And New Rules For Adult Film Sites 2023-08-09
8/8/23: $1 Trillion Landlord Bomb, Housing Prices Skyrocket, Partisan Split On Gov Power, Dem Threatens Biden Challenge, Biden Tanks With Young Voters, Holy Grail Of Fusion Energy, Zoom Ends Remote Work, Saudis Drive Up Gas Prices, And MORE! 2023-08-08
8/7/23: Trump Lawyer Spars With All Five Networks, Americans Oppose More Ukraine Aid, Republican Voters Turn On Anti-Woke, Wells Fargo Deletes Customer Funds, Lizzo Controversy, Jim Cramer Cries, Biden Sanctions Fail, Biden 2024 Debate w/ Michael LaRosa 2023-08-07

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