Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
8/4/23: Exclusive Interview with Disney Heiress Abigail Disney On Hollywood Strikes, Labor Congressman Screams At Teens In Capitol, Malls Death Spiral In Value, 2023-08-04
8/3/23: Trump In Court Today As Co Conspirators Revealed, US Debt Downgraded, Obama Warns Biden Could Lose, Ukraine Counter Offensive Failing, Hunter Business Partner, LK99 Superconductor, Trucking Company Collapse, Panel On Trump Indictment 2023-08-03
8/2/23: Trump Reacts To Indictment, Pence Attacks Trump, DeSantis Unveils Economic Plan, Media Spins Hunter Corruption, BlackRock Investigated By House, Elon Sues Hate Speech Org, Niger Erupts After Coup, And CNN Bashes Trump Supporters 2023-08-02
8/1/23 BREAKING: TRUMP INDICTED, Krystal And Saagar React 2023-08-01
8/1/23: Trump Demolishes Rivals With Working Class, CNN Spins Damning Hunter Testimony, Elon Denies Starlink For Ukraine, Secret Chinese BioLab Raided In CA, Pentagon On UFO Whistleblowers, AI Harvesting Content, Gen Z Boys Conservatism 2023-08-01
7/31/23: Trump Employee Flips On Mar A Lago Coverup?, Megyn Kelly Vs DeSantis, Black Republicans Blast DeSantis, Biden Facebook Censorship, Biden Acknowledges Secret Grandchild, Staff Coach Feinstein To Vote Aye, Seniors Robbed By Gold Scammers 2023-07-31
7/28/23: Education Dept. Investigating Harvard Admissions, Mr. Beast Vs Food Monopoly w/ Matt Stoller, Fired Rail Worker w/ Max Alvarez, Saagar At UFO Hearing w/ Jeremy Corbell, James Li On The Evils of Blackrock 2023-07-28
7/27/23: Hunter Pleads Not Guilty, McConnell Freezes At Press Event, Congress Holds UFO Hearings, Rudy Giuliani Admits Election Lies, Biden Dog Bites Secret Service, Abigail Disney Calls Out Greed and AOC Folds Into Democrat Establishment 2023-07-27
7/26/23: UPS Union Strikes Deal, McCarthy Threatens Biden Impeachment, DeSantis Defends Slavery Education Policy, Elon Musk Rebrands Twitter, Stephen A. On Jason Aldean, GOP Losing Young Voters, And A Federal Judge Blocks Biden Asylum Policy 2023-07-26
7/25/23 EXCLUSIVE: Vivek Ramaswamy PRESSED On Trump, Climate, Mexico War, and Krystal And Saagar SPAR With 2024 Candidate Doug Burgum 2023-07-25
7/25/23: Biden's Aides Desperate To Hide Aging, Ohio Overwhelmingly Backs Pro-Choice, Americans Reject Biden Cluster Bombs, Dorsey Trashes Worldcoin Surveillance, Pinkydoll Tik Tok Phenomenon, Disney Fires DEI, Affirmative Action For The Rich 2023-07-25
7/24/23: Vivek Ties w/ DeSantis In Republican Shakeup, Elon Rebrands Twitter to "X", Biden Terrified Of Cornel West Bid, Congress Blasts UFO Coverup, Krystal Reviews Barbie, Bezos Loses 100 Million At WAPO 2023-07-24
7/22/23: Marc Andreessen On Why AI Will Save The World, Scott Galloway Predicts Trump Won't Run, Anxiety Driving Political Identity 2023-07-22
7/21/23: Inside The Hollywood Strike w/ Ron Perlman, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Hurd 2023-07-21
7/20/23: Media Ignores Biden IRS Whistleblowers, Russia Threatens Commercial Ships, Trump On Mail In Voting, Bosses Refuse Office Return, American Early Birds, Blistering Heat, Iger Says Cable TV Dead, Susan Sarandon + SAG VP Blast Studios 2023-07-20
7/19/23 Chris Rufo: Culture Wars, Ron DeSantis, Political Strategy 2023-07-19
7/19/23: GOP Reacts To Trump Indictment, Jake Tapper Interviews Ron DeSantis, Joe Manchin Flirts With 2024 Run, Congress Explodes After Rep. Jayapal's Israel Statement, Charles Barkley Slams Anti-Bud Light 'Rednecks', Biden Uses MTG As 2024 Ad, And More! 2023-07-19
7/18/23: Ben Shapiro Hits Tucker/Trump On Ukraine, Ted Cruz Blocks Rail Safety, Florida Abandoned By Insurance Companies, Major UFO Hearings, Gilgo Beach Killer, Arizona Water War, Europe Vs Asia, Allie Beth Stuckey On Andrew Tate 2023-07-18
7/17/23 EXCLUSIVE: GOP 2024 Candidate Asa Hutchinson On Ukraine, Abortion, Minimum Wage 2023-07-17
7/17/23: Ukraine Bombs Crimean Bridge, DeSantis Sheds Staff, Winners and Losers GOP Fundraising, Tucker Carlson Rips Mike Pence, Hollywood Strike, Twitter Payments, California Woke Math, Hollywood Replaces Actors w/ AI, EV Prices Collapse w/ Doug DeMuro 2023-07-17

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