Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
7/14/23: Biden Staff Fears His Private Rage, Record Number Of Americans Live Alone, CNN Attacks Cornel West, RFK Non Union Merch, School Choice Hidden Agenda, Publicly Funded Stadiums 2023-07-14
7/13/23: Hollywood SHUTDOWN, Actor Negotiations Collapse, Americans Feel Recession, FBI Dodges Jan 6th Questions, Billionaires Flee DeSantis, RBG SCOTUS Corruption, Morning Joe Begs Biden Staff, Biden Whistleblower, Housing Vultures, Panel on Jonah Hill 2023-07-13
7/12/23: Trump, Dems Trash Cluster Bombs To Ukraine, Tuberville On White Nationalism, Zelensky Fumes At NATO, Hunter Biden Star Witness Indicted, Tucker Andrew Tate, Oppenheimer Barbie History, Congress Covid Origins Hearing, Sierra Leone Elections 2023-07-12
7/11/23: Trump Crushing DeSantis In Florida, Zuck's Threads Hits 100 Million, Morning Joe Tells Americans Shut Up, Disney Parks Empty, Biden Abandons Grandchild, Obama Lectures Gen Z, Sound of Freedom Film, Teamsters President On UPS Strike 2023-07-11
7/10/23: Biden Defends Cluster Bombs To Ukraine, Biden Says Ukraine Not Ready For NATO, DeSantis Low Polling, Slowing Growth Jobs Market, Twitter Threatens Lawsuit With Zuckerberg, Colleges Nuke Merit, AOC Endorses Biden, Will Jawando Runs For Senate 2023-07-10
7/7/23 (VAULT UNLOCKED): Vivek Ramaswamy Interview/Jon Stewart Interview 2023-07-07
7/06/23: Major SCOTUS Rulings, Judge Blocks Biden Censorship, Facebook Launches Twitter Competitor, DeSantis Runs Trump Anti-LGBTQ Ad, UPS Union Authorizes Strike, Cocaine Found At White House, Lib Twitter Profile Exposed, Israel Launches Attacks & MORE! 2023-07-06
7/5/23 (VAULT UNLOCKED): Bernie Sanders Full Interview w/ Krystal Ball 2023-07-05
6/30/23: Hollywood Advice For Joe Biden, JPMorgan Deletes 47 Million Emails, John Kerry Confronted On Iraq War Crimes, Fox Struggles To Defend Leaked Trump Audio, James Li On FedNow Central Payment System 2023-06-30
6/29/23: Voters Reject "Bidenomics", Pod Save Bros Meltdown Over 3rd Party, Troops At Mexico Border, Russian General Detained For Coup, AirBnB Death Spiral, Ro Khanna On Defense Spending, AI Sexbots, Shein Influencers, Debate Panel Affirmative Action 2023-06-29
6/28/23: Time Bomb In SCOTUS 2024 Ruling?, Report: Trump Aide Wanted To Drone Immigrants, 2024 Candidate Faceplants China Question, Modern Men Cry More, Gov Closes Case On Epstein, Liz Cheney Whining, Office Space Apocalypse 2023-06-28
6/27/23: Leaked Audio Trump Admits Classified Doc Possession, Putin Breaks Silence After Coup, Biden Confronted On Hunter, SCOTUS Wife Corruption, Blackrock CEO ESG, Fox Fires Tucker Staff, 1 Million Subs, Global Underclass Of AI 2023-06-27
6/26/23 EXCLUSIVE: Marianne Williamson On Ukraine, Biden, Vaccines 2023-06-26
6/26/23: Wagner Leader Exiled After Coup, Biden Admin Refuses Hunter Corruption Questions, Trump Lead Explodes, Yellowstone Train Derailment, Submarine, Meghan Markle, Behavioral Science Fraud, Moscow Eyewitness Russian Coup 2023-06-26
6/24/23: BREAKING: Wagner CALLS OFF Putin Coup 2023-06-24
Military Coup In Russia, Putin Responds 2023-06-24
6/24/23: EXCLUSIVE: Oliver Stone On Nuclear Energy, RFK Jr 2023-06-24
6/23/23: Bohemian Grove Sued, Killer Whales Attack Yachts, Zuckerberg's Twitter Competitor, Pentagon Social Media Patrols, LIV Golf Merger Falling Apart 2023-06-23
6/22/23: Submarine Out Of Oxygen, Potential China Base In Cuba, SCOTUS Caught On Billionaire Vacation, Teen Test Scores Plummet, Elon Says Cisgender Is Slur, Billionaire Backed Populism, Remote Worker Revolution, Amazon Prime Lawsuit 2023-06-22
6/21/23: Tucker And Trump React To Hunter Charges, Obama Blames Economy For Rightwing Populism, Trump Trial Date Set, Impending Student Debt Ruling, Andrew Tate Charged In Romania, Venezuela Sanctions, Titanic Submarine Missing And New Lab Leak Evidence 2023-06-21

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