Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
6/20/23: Hunter Biden Pleads Guilty, Biden Campaign Freaks Over RFK, Jordan Peterson Nuked By YouTube, Putin Claims Peace Deal Signed, Trump Fox News, Epstein JPMorgan, Meghan Markle Spotify Grift, Dr Hotez JRE Debate, Legacy of Daniel Ellsberg 2023-06-20
6/19/23: Unions Back Biden Despite Betrayals, Voters Reject Trump Biden Rematch, DeSantis Attacks Trump On Abortion, Blinken Says No Taiwan Independence, Tucker Attacks Fox, Streamer XQC Gets $100 Million Contract, Newsom Plots Against Biden, And MORE! 2023-06-19
6/16/23: Saturn Moon Has Ingredients For Life, Charles Barkley On CNN: "I'm Joining The Titanic", Beyond The Headlines On Inflation w/ James Li 2023-06-16
6/15/23: Fed Stuns With Rate Pause, 20 Dollar Minimum Wage, Huge Push For Ukraine To Join NATO, Cornel West Flips To Green Party, UFO Whistleblower Stonewalled, Amazon Smart Home Locks Man Out, Hot Girl College Sports, Panel Debate: Trump v DeSantis 2023-06-15
6/14/23: Trump Makes Courtroom Appearance, US Warned Ukraine About Nordstream, Report Wuhan Lab Worker First Infected, Reddit Goes Dark, Starbucks Pride Displays, Lowest Inflation In 2 Years, Espionage Act, Glenn Greenwald Interview 2023-06-14
6/13/23 EXCLUSIVE: RFK JR Returns To Breaking Points 2023-06-13
6/13/23: Trump Calls For Protests, Ukraine Mining Vehicles Destroyed, Foreclosures Skyrocket, San Fran Malls Close, Biden On Tape Taking Bribe, Tucker Cease And Desist, UPS Strike Looms, JPMorgan Settles Epstein Case, James Van Der Beek On Dem Debates 2023-06-13
6/12/23: Krystal and Saagar React To Trump Indictment, Trump AG Defends "Damning" Indictments, Trump Opponents Bend The Knee, FBI Informant: Biden Took 5 Million Bribe, Zuckerberg Admits Covid Censorship Failures, Las Vegas UFO Hoax, End of the Unabomber 2023-06-12
6/12/23: EXCLUSIVE Jack Dorsey Interview On RFK Jr. Elon Musk, AI Regulation, and More 2023-06-12
6/8/23: Trump Indictment Imminent, Chris Christie And Pence Trash Trump, Golfers Defend Saudi LIV, Portnoy Attacks PGA, US In Possession Of UFO's, New Vegas UFO Footage, Instagram Enables Predators, Fox Targets Tucker, Wildfires Rage In Canada And MORE! 2023-06-08
6/7/23: Chris Christie Attacks Trump, Mike Pence Launches 2024 Bid, Tucker Returns On Ukraine And UFOs, PGA Merges With Liv Golf, Chris Licht Out At CNN, Wokeness Vs. Anti-Woke, Julian Assange, FBI Election Interference And An Interview With Imran Khan 2023-06-07
6/6/23: Ukrainian Dam Explodes, Ukraine Backed Saboteurs Inside Russia, NYT Downplays Nazi's, Imminent Trump Indictment, Cornell West 2024, UFO Whistleblower, Tim Scott Vs. The View, SEC Sues Binance, Russiagate Deception, Biden Donors Age Concern 2023-06-06
6/5/23: Trump Mocks Overuse Of 'Woke', DeSantis And Trump Avoid Debates, Big Donors Back DeSantis, Jack Endorses RFK Jr, SCOTUS Crushes Workers, YouTube Changes Election Disinfo Policy, Twitter Notes, Jamie Dimon 2024, Ukraine War Profiteers 2023-06-05
6/2/23: Major Breakthrough in Air Energy, Feinstein Confused In Senate, Vacation Prices Skyrocket, The View Defends Kamala World Salad, Joe Rogan Laughs At Rainbow Truck Outrage, Beyond The Headlines Scientific Consensus w/ James Li 2023-06-02
6/1/23: Debt Deal Passes W/ No Conservative Support, Biden Votes Doubt Him For 2024, DeSantis Rips Trump As Failure On Covid, Ukraine Attacks On Russia, Car Dealers Hate EV Plan, Anti Woke Mind Virus, Author of 'Pandora's Gamble' 2023-06-01
5/31/23: Critical Debt Vote Today, Conservatives Threaten McCarthy Ouster, China and US Pilots Near Miss, Secret Abortion Poll, Millennial Misery Ignored, Ted Cruz Defends LGBTQ, James Comey Defends FBI, Pentagon Slush Funds 2023-05-31
5/30/23: DeSantis Trashes Republican Debt Ceiling, TX Attorney General Ken Paxton Impeached, LA Real Estate Collapse, Wall Street Weeps Over Biden-Trump, MSNBC Smears Marianne As Spoiler, Homeowners Uninsurable, Men Flee College 2023-05-30
5/29/23: Republicans Humiliated In Debt Ceiling, DeSantis Trashes Trump On Ben Shapiro, Lawyer Caught Using ChatGPT, Jobs Flee Big Cities, CNN Admits Bidens "Horrible Numbers", History of AAPI, DeSantis Elon Corrupt Bromance 2023-05-29
5/26/23: New Triangle UFO Over CA Base w/ Jeremy Corbell, Saagar Appears In NYT Article On WH Sneakers, New Biden 2024 Polling, UK and France Strikes 2023-05-26
5/25/23: DeSantis Announces, Trump Mauls DeSantis with Announcement Memes, Republican Progress Debt Ceiling, Uvalde 1 Year Later, Ukraine Behind Drone Attacks, China EV Race, Public Housing Solution, Skanda Amarnath Explains Debt Ceiling Solution 2023-05-25

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