Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
5/24/23 EMERGENCY POD: DeSantis, Elon FAILED Twitter Campaign Launch 2023-05-25
5/24/23: DeSantis Launches Tonight w/ Elon On Twitter, Debt Bomb Looms, Bankruptcies Spike, TikTok Montana Ban, Fox News Woke Debate, Workers Vs Amazon, Meta Record Fines, Kissinger Revealed 2023-05-24
5/23/23: Ukraine Attacks Russian City Belgorod, Dems Kick Themselves On Debt Ceiling, Polls On Tougher Migrant Policies, Tim Scott 2024, Uber Chief Cancelled, History of Failed Debt Negotiations, FBI Infiltrates Anti Mandate 2023-05-23
5/22/23: Debt Talks COLLAPSE, Biden Caves On F16 Jets For Ukraine, DeSantis Secret Donor Call, Tim Scott and Chris Christie Set To Announce, Epstein Blackmailed Bill Gates, Pelosi Hides Feinstein Sickness, Used Car Prices, Migrant Hoax 2023-05-22
5/19/23: Buttigieg's "Cathedral Mind" in WIRED, Worker Happiness, AI Anti Trust w/ Matt Stoller, IRS Tests Free Filing, Michigan's Toxic Paper Mill, Living Longer But Sicker 2023-05-19
5/18/23: Biden Humiliated In Debt Ceiling Fight, Chomsky Caught In Epstein Money, Housing Market Record Low Confidence, Prince Harry and Meghan's "Car Chase", Tucker Replacement, Public Housing Surveillance, Pat McAffee ESPN Deal, DeSantis Set To Launch 2023-05-18
5/17/23: AI CEO Warns Congress UNCONTROLLABLE Tech, Fetterman On Debt Ceiling, Kentucky/Pennsylvania Elections, Giuliani Sexual Harrasment, Elon Subpoenaed In Epstein Lawsuit, Turkey Elections, Durham Report, Pentagon Propaganda Office w/ Ken Klippenstein 2023-05-17
5/17/23 EXCLUSIVE: RFK JR. IN STUDIO INTERVIEW On Abortion, Political Family Dynasties, Border Crisis, Nuclear Energy, Vaccine Debate, and MORE 2023-05-17
5/16/23: Workers FLEE Big Cities, AI Killing Office Jobs, SCOTUS Legalizes Corruption, Trump BLASTS DeSantis, DeSantis Hits Back, DEI Failures, Russia-gate Exposed, Boomer Wealth Transfer & AI Destroying Journalism 2023-05-16
5/15/23: DeSantis Owns Trump In Iowa, Elon Bows To Turkey Censorhip, Zelensky Plots NATO Bombing, Feinstein Staff Covered Up Years, Jon Stewart Shreds CNN Townhall, MSNBC Shook, CNN Reporters In Tears 2023-05-15
5/12/23: Elizabeth Holmes Returns In NYTimes, Biden Tik Tok Kids Panic On Air, Netflix's Cleopatra Drama, Dianne Feinstein Returns, Spencer Snyder on American Financial Literacy 2023-05-12
5/11/23: Trump Says "THUG" COP Shot Jan 6th Protestor, Trump CNN TownHall on Debt Default, Ukraine, Abortion and more, Saagar and Ryan Debate Border Crisis, Tucker's Twitter Show Plans Revealed, Is New Breast Cancer Guidance Scam?, JD Vance Interview 2023-05-11
5/10/23: Trump GUILTY And NOT Guilty In E Jean Caroll Trial, Santos Arrested By Feds, Biden Threatens Debt Ceiling, Ukraine Counter Offensive, Trump V DeSantis, CIA Biden 2020, Ro Khanna on SCOTUS Corruption, David Miranda Remembrance 2023-05-10
5/9/23 Emergency Pod: Tucker Returns w/ New Show On Twitter As He Sues Fox News 2023-05-09
5/9/23: Was TX Shooter A White Supremacist, Buttigieg Fails On Airline Meltdowns, Gain of Function Research Gets More Funding, Kamala In Charge Of AI Regulation, CA Reparations, LGBTQ Book Bans, Gun Control, Ken Klippenstein on Disinformation Agency 2023-05-09
5/8/23: Saagar's Cameo In Trump Deposition, Biden Losing in Trump Head to Head, Proud Boys Conviction, How NYC Failed Jordan Neely, Hunter Biden Criminal Charging, Tucker Declares War on Fox, American Life 50 Years Ago, Dem MegaDonor on AOC 2023-05-08
5/5/23: Anthony Fantano on AI Drake Music, FBI Accidentally Kidnap Wrong Man, CNBC Reporter Caught On Cam w/ Billionaire, Art of Class War, Michigan's Toxic Air, Elon Musk's New Company Town, 3 Reasons Buzzfeed Died 2023-05-05
5/4/23: CNN Claims Putin Drone False Flag, Another Bank Verge Of Collapse, AOC/Matt Gaetz Team Up Stock Ban, More Bill Gates Epstein Meetings, Biden Debate Push, 10 Year Olds Working McDonalds, 2010's Digital Media Apocalypse, Ben Smith 2023-05-04
5/3/23 BREAKING: Russia Says Ukraine Behind Drone Assassination Attempt On Putin, Bipartisan AI Legislation, WGA Strike, Biden Sends Troops To Border, More Leaked Tucker, 2nd Haitian Revolution Begins, Death of Press Freedom 2023-05-03
5/2/23:'Godfather Of AI' Says SHUT IT DOWN, DeSantis Freaks Over Guantanamo Allegations, 2023 Bank Failures, Leaked Tucker Video, Covid Natural Origin, Commercial Debt Bomb, James Fox "Moment of Contact" 2023-05-02

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