Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
5/1/23: Second Largest Bank Failure In History, Leaked Epstein Docs w/ CIA Director, Charlamagne Trashes "DNC No Debates", SCOTUS Wife Cashes In, WH Correspondents Dinner, Fox Ratings Plunge, Biden Set To Lose NH 2023-05-01
4/28/23: Marianne Calls Out DNC on Fox News, Taliban Kills ISIS Leader, Charles Barkley Gale King New CNN Show, Don Lemon Highlight Reel, Constitutional Amendments, EquiFax Sells American Tax Records, Havana Syndrome Gets More Money 2023-04-28
4/27/23: Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence, Republican Debt Bill Barely Passes, China's Xi Pushes Zelensky Negotiations, Kamala's 2024 Kickoff, Disney Sues DeSantis, Nate Silver Out, Bernie Betrays Movement, Biden's High Chance of Death 2023-04-27
4/26/23: Biden Threatens Veto On GOP Debt Plan, Trump Snubs GOP Debates, Bernie Endorses Biden, Harlan Crow's Secret Tax Haven, Tucker Employee Speaks Out, Fauci On Lockdowns, UN Harvard Censorship, Susan Rice Resigns Biden Domestic Policy 2023-04-26
4/25/23: The Real Reason Tucker Was Fired, Future Of Fox News, Don Lemon Fired Over Interview, Wall Street Freaks Out, Biden's 2024 Announcement, Top Biden Op Smeared Hunter Laptop Story, New Lab Leak Evidence and Young Voters Rejecting Biden 2023-04-25
EMERGENCY POD: Tucker Carlson AND Don Lemon OUT AT Fox, CNN 2023-04-24
4/24/23: 70% Say No As Biden Announces 2024, Republicans Back Trump Post Indictment, SCOTUS Keeps Abortion Pill, Chaos As Elon Strips Blue Checks, Buzzfeed News Collapses, Biden Censor Marianne Tik Tok, Biden Taxes High Credit Scores 2023-04-24
4/21/23: Record Number Of Americans Identify "Independent", Amazon Postpones HQ2 In VA, Gen Z Says No Future In America, Drone Operator Theater Play, Insane Zoom Call From Millionaire Exec, Proof Every President Is Criminal, Failed Netflix LiveStream 2023-04-21
4/20/23: Trump Humiliates DeSantis w/ Florida Endorsements, Republican Debt Ceiling Demands, Abortion Pill SCOTUS, Big Business Child Labor, New UFO, Fox Settlement, Is Elon Right About AI?, Desantis Disney Fail, Saudis Buying NFL Team 2023-04-20
4/19/23: Fox News Settles Dominion Lawsuit, Market Apocalypse Looms On Debt Ceiling, Elon Warns AI Dangerous, Oklahoma Officials Leaked Audio, Jeff Jackson On Sensationalism, Congressional Stock Ban, Sununu Disses MAGA Fringe, Is Trump Anti-Imperialist? 2023-04-19
4/18/23: Brazil's President Says Biden Encourages Ukraine War, McCarthy Begs Wall Street On Debt Ceiling, Nikki Haley Caught Lying, Elon Calls For Stop Of AI Dev, Fox Trial Day 1, Bernie on Jen Psaki, SF's Math Scheme, Ro Khanna Guest 2023-04-18
4/17/23: DC Debates Leaker Hero Or Traitor, Media Spins Leaks As Russian OP, Desantis Abortion Bill, Thomas Hiding Billionaire Real Estate, Pelosi Smears Feinstein Critics, Fox Tries To Settle Trial, GreedFlation, Dave Ramsey's Debt Couple 2023-04-17
4/14/23: Krystal Reacts To Leaker Arrest, Jen Psaki Insists She's A Real Journalist, VA Teacher Shot By Student, Krystal and Kyle Interview Norman Finkelstein 2023-04-14
4/13/23: Media Hunts Down Pentagon Leaker, US Boots In Ukraine, Tim Scott Speechless On Trump, Fox News Rebuked in Trial, Elon Fights w/ BBC, NPR Leaves Twitter, Electric Car Rules, Cancer Drug Shortage, Disinformation Industry 2023-04-13
4/12/23: Trump Hints US Blew Up Nordstream on Tucker, Tim Scott Joins Race, Elon Leaks Texts With Taibbi, Inflation, Gov Censor Tools Social Media, Biden's Title IX Rule, Rashida Tlaib Defends Assange, Marianne Williamson TikTok 2024 2023-04-12
4/11/23: EXCLUSIVE: Zelensky Sought To Bomb Russia, 5G Threatens Military Satellites, Ukraine Looks To India, DeSantis Abortion Ban, Biden 2024 Announcement, Justice Thomas, Biden's Tik Tok Influencers, US Lab Leak, Thomas Sadoski On Yemen Genocide 2023-04-11
4/10/23: Leaked Ukraine War Docs, China's Red Lines On Ukraine, Mossad Behind Israel Protests, Pentagon Censors Leaks, Elon Vs Substack, Texas BLM Shooter, Laura Loomer Vs MTG, Jon Stewart Destroys Pentagon Official, Abortion Pill 2023-04-10
4/8/23: Saagar Reacts To FBI LV Shooter Docs, Fired Starbucks Union Organizer Alexis Rizzo, Boomers HomeBuying Bonanza, Pentagon Claims SVB Bailout National Security Interests, James Li On Billionaires 2023-04-08
4/7/23: Mehdi Hasan Debates Matt Taibbi, Ukraine War Plans Leak, Blackrock Paris Stormed By Protests, TN Dems Expelled, RFK Jr, Taiwan and Kevin McCarthy, China Saudi Arabia Deal, Trump Indictment 2023-04-07
4/6/23: Maddow Refuses To Broadcast Trump Live, Petrodollar Collapsing, Ukraine Negotiations, West Admits Nordstream Coverup, Trump Cash Flow, NPR State Media, Don Lemon's Behavior, Fed Proud Boys, Millions Flee Coastal Cities, New Chicago Mayor 2023-04-06

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