Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
6/11/24: Massie Reveals AIPAC Babysitters To Tucker, Oct 7 Sexual Assault Claims Debunked, State Dep Official Resigns Over Gaza 2024-06-12
6/11/24: Carville Says Biden Shouldn't Have Run, Lindsey Graham Drools Over Ukraine Minerals, US Drivers Secretly Monitored 2024-06-11
6/10/24: Biden And Trump 2024 Polls Tighten, Macron Calls Snap French Elections, Rightwing Surge In Europe, Briahna Joy Gray Fired From The Hill 2024-06-10
6/10/24: Bibi War Cabinet Collapse As Gantz Resigns, Israeli Hostage Rescue Kills Hundreds In Gaza 2024-06-10
6/7/24: MAGA Lawyer DEBATES Liberal Analyst On Trump Legal Cases - Counter Points Friday 2024-06-07
6/6/24: Israel Psyop On US Politicians, Israeli Settlers Rampage Through Jerusalem, AIPAC Shackles American Politics 2024-06-06
6/6/24: Morning Joe Freakout Over Biden Age Concerns, Trump VP Shortlist, Housing Top Concern For Young Voters, Amazon Tribe Gets Starlink 2024-06-06
6/5/24: Dem Revolt Over Border Shutdown, Bibi Gov Collapse Over Ceasefire, Gaetz Rips Garland On Trump Cases, Modi Setback In India, AMLO Ally Sweeps Mexico Elections 2024-06-05
6/4/24: FBI Raids Corporate Landlords, IDF Likely Killed Four Hostages, MAGA Chinese Outlet Exposed For Money Laundering 2024-06-04
6/4/24: Biden Shamelessly Copies Trump Border Policy, Hunter Biden Trial Begins, Wall St Panics Over GameStop Stock, Fauci Perjury In Congress 2024-06-04
6/3/24: Bibi Invited To Congress By Uniparty, Biden Humiliated On Ceasefire Proposal 2024-06-03
6/3/24: Trump Open To Jail Time, Bill Maher Says Race War If Trump Jailed, Russia Threatens Nukes, Dave Smith Humiliates Chris Cuomo 2024-06-03
6/1/24: John Mearsheimer UNLEASHED: Israel Genocide, Ukraine DOOMED, Biden's Folly 2024-06-01
5/31/24: DC Lobbyist REVEALS Washington's Dirty Secrets - CounterPoints Friday 2024-05-31
5/30/24: Trump Trial Verdict Imminent, Trump Promises Tax Cuts To Donors, DNC Moved Online, Israel Says Gaza Forever War, Biden Ally Flips Over Israel, GenZ Says US Dying Empire, P Diddy Grand Jury 2024-05-30
5/29/24: US Weapons Used In Rafah, Israel Caught Threatening ICC, Dem Freakout Over 2024, Seinfeld Whines To Bari Weiss Over Protests, Argentina Currency Collapse, Trump Floats Assange Pardon 2024-05-29
5/28/24: Dave Smith Sounds Off On Trump And RFK Jr Libertarian Convention, Biden Mouthpiece Rage Copes Over Bad Polling, South Park Exposes US Healthcare System 2024-05-28
5/28/24: Israel Airstrikes Rafah Tent Camp, Egyptian Soldier Dead In IDF Border Clash, Biden Gaza Pier Sinking Into Ocean 2024-05-28
5/23/24: Hamas Gains Thousands Of Recruits, ICC Arrest Warrants Debate, Pentagon Admits Gaza Pier Failure 2024-05-23
5/23/24: Dems Scold Voters On Bidenomics, Charlamagne Confronts The View On Biden, Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Psyop, Trump Panics After Floating Birth Control Ban 2024-05-23

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