Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
4/5/23: Trump On Trial - Breaking Points Live Recording 2023-04-05
4/3/23: Trump's Lead Explodes Post Indictment, Asa Hutchinson Enters 2024, Pro-Russian Blogger Blown Up, Fox News Faces Massive Payout, Elon Strips NY Times of Checkmark, Meme Lord Convicted, Biden Kills Healthcare For Millions 2023-04-03
4/1/23: Saagar Reacts To Trump Indictment, Covid Billionaires, Tech Leaders Open Letter Moratorium On A.I., Woke Millenials Hijacked Media, 40 Dead In Migrant Detention Fire, International Workers Strikes 2023-04-01
3/31/23 EMERGENCY POD: Krystal and Saagar Break Down Trump Indictment 2023-03-31
3/30/23: Trump Jury Disbands For 1 Month, Kremlin Detains US Reporter, US Blocks Nordstream Investigation, Tik Tok Ban Bill, Jamie Dimon Epstein Case, Elon Loses 20 Billion On Twitter, Blackstone Steals Homes, Assault Weapons Ban, Starbucks Workers 2023-03-30
3/29/23: Chris Christie Insists He Can Beat Trump, TikTok Ban New Patriot Act, Steven Donzinger Denied By Supreme Court, SBF Bribing China, Serial Podcast Conviction, Stephanie Ruhle's Grifts, Elon Musk Indian Gov Censorship, Ebola Lab Leak 2023-03-29
3/28/23: Trans Suspect Behind Christian Mass Shooting, Netanyahu Caves to Protests, Peter Beinart on Israeli Hypocrisy, Top SVB Accounts 13 Billion, American Patriotism Plummets, IRS Targets Matt Taibbi, US Military Shortages, Binance Sued 2023-03-28
3/27/23: Trump's Wild Rally In Waco, Krystal and Saagar Debate TikTok Ban, Biden Bombs Syria, Putin Deploying Nukes In Belarus, Malcolm Nance Ukraine War Grifter, ESG Green Energy Scam, Tim Urban New Book 2023-03-27
3/24/23: CNN Worst Ratings In 30 Years, Kamala World Salad, Signature Bank Fundraiser For Congressman, Adderal Shortage, Google AI Bard, Ebola Lab Leak, How Banks Created OverDraft Fees, TikTok Ban 2023-03-24
3/23/23: Trump Plans Perp Walk, DeSantis Polls Sink, Fed Risks Bank Failure, Market Chaos Over Yellen, Putin and Xi Pledge New World Order, Rolling Stone Alleged Pedo, Biden Prosecutes Meme Poster, Vivek's Fake Anti-Elitism, WACO Survivor David Thibodeau 2023-03-23
3/22/23: Trump Arrest Imminent, Desantis Hits Trump On Covid, China Boosting Russia With Drones, Biden Vetoes Anti Woke Bill, Google Unveils AI, Republicans Split On Rail Safety, Virologist Explores Ebola Lab Leak, 2023-03-22
3/21/23: NYPD Barricades For Trump Arrest, Trump Implies Desantis Is Pedophile, France Protest Explode, WH Press Corps Silences Reporter, Fauci Confronts DC Residents, Finance Youtubers Sued, Iraq War Hawks For Ukraine, Trita Parsi on Iraq Failures 2023-03-21
3/20/23: Is Trump's Arrest Imminent?/MAGA Rages At Desantis/Credit Suisse Rescued/ Putin Tours Ukraine Warzone/Iraq 20 year Anniversary/Anti-Lab Leak Propaganda/Jon Stewart KO's Larry Summers 2023-03-20
3/17/23: Jon Stewart Pushes Mark Cuban On SVB, Carcinogens Detected in East Palestine, Roger Waters Concert Cancelled For Israel Position, McNally Embarrassing Social Media Flirting, Snapchat Crazy AI bot, Gov Gavin Newsom's Connection To SVB 2023-03-17
3/16/23: US Pushes Tik Tok Sale For National Security, Stock Chaos, "Lehman Moment", Jamie Dimon Bailout Meetings, Neocons Attack Trump/Desantis on Ukraine, Michigan Rolls Back "Anti Union" Law, The Fed Must Be Stopped, Biden's Controversial Ambassador 2023-03-16
3/15/23: Russian Jet Shoots Down American Drone, Desantis Speaks On Ukraine, Tucker Scoffs Trump Foreign Policy, Is SVB Like 2008, Biden Approves Fossil Fuel Drilling, ChatGPT4.0, Women in Workforce, Ebola Outbreak to Covid Lab Leak 2023-03-15
3/14/23: Bank Stocks Collapse, David Dayen Trashes Bailout Defenders, China Humiliates Biden on Ukraine, Kamala Unpopularity, Lab Leak Poll, Bailout Reveals Rigged System, East Palestine Forgotten, Matt Taibbi Responds to Congressional Smears 2023-03-14
3/13/23: Massive SVB Bailout, Crypto Bank Collapses, Execs Sold Millions Before Collapse, JD Vance Rips Republicans on Norfolk, Pence Blasts Trump and Tucker, Desantis Blames Wokeness on Bank Collapse, Fauci Freaks Over Prosecution Calls 2023-03-13
3/10/23: Taibbi Attacked By Dems in Twitter Files Hearing, US NYT Nordstream Report, Jon Stewart Backlash Over Lab Leak Jokes, Chris Rock on Meghan Markle, Work Monitoring Employee Brain Waves, Migrant Child Labor Abuse 2023-03-10
3/9/23: Capitol Police's Jan 6th Nonsense Defense, Tucker Trump Texts, Budget Standoff, Gov Demands Elon Contacts, Chomsky ChatGPT, Fauci Lab Leak, CDC Director on Gain of Function, Tucker's Ukraine Test, Stock Buybacks, Ken Roth on Netanyahu Power Grab 2023-03-09

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