Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
3/8/23: Seymour Hersh EXCLUSIVE: SHREDS NYT Nord Stream Report, Warren Slams Fed Rate Hikes, Biden Defends Medicare Future, China Accuses US Of Containment, DC Crime Bill, Ryan Vs KJP Spying Question, German Chancellor on Nordstream 2023-03-08
3/7/23: FAA Near Death Accidents, Clearest Signs Of Trump Indictment, DHS Illegal Spying Program, Fauci Prompted Lab Leak Coverup, New Jan 6th Footage Revelations, Alex Murdaugh's Verdict, California Housing Crisis, Introducing BP Partner Spencer Snyder 2023-03-07
3/6/23: Trump Dominates CPAC, Bannon Declares War on Fox News, New Norfolk Southern Train Derails, MSNBC Attacks Marianne, Russel Brand on Bill Maher, Amazon Bails On HQ2, Teenage Liberal Depression, Former Navy Pilot on UFOs 2023-03-06
3/3/23 Weekly Roundup: Part Time Jobs Rise, Tom Cotton's Lab Leak Theory Smeared, Angela Davis Discovers Ancestors on Mayflower, Ken Klippenstein on Pentagon's War Plan for Iran 2023-03-03
3/2/23: Republicans Battle Over East Palestine Aid, Trump Surges 2024 Polls, Vivek Ramaswamy 2024 Interview, Insulin CEO Cuts Prices, Havana Syndrome Debunked, China Threatens Elon, Media Mogul Arrested, Lab Leak Coverup, Ukranian Democracy 2023-03-02
3/1/23 CounterPoints: SCOTUS Set to Kill Biden Student Debt Plan, Biden Pushes ESG World Bank, SF Debates Reparations, DeSantis Memo on Protests, Dilbert Creator Cancelled, Biden on Cartels, NSA Spying on US Congressman, Phil Wegmann on Gain of Function 2023-03-01
2/28/23: General Milley Says Ukraine Must Negotiate, Hillary Calls For Putin Regime Change, SCOTUS Student Debt Relief, Trump Attacks Fox, Brett Favre Serves Pat McAfee, Nina Turner on CNN, Affirmative Action, Private Equity Destroys Shopko 2023-02-28
2/27/23: US Gov Admits Lab Leak Origin, 45,000 Animals Dead in Ohio, Jeb Endorses Desantis, Inflation Spikes as Recession Looms, Woody Harrelson's SNL Big Pharma Joke, Joy Behar Scolds Ohio Voters, Single Male Epidemic, Inside Unhinged Sydney ChatBot 2023-02-27
2/24/23 Weekly Roundup: Don Lemon in Hot Water at CNN, AI Bosses Firing Employees, Child Labor in Slaughterhouses, Bernie Calls Out Corporate Media, How Walmart and Amazon Crushed Small Businesses, Buttigieg Flustered By Reporter, Water Tests in Ohio 2023-02-24
2/23/23: Biden in Ukraine Marks 1 Year of War, Georgia Trump Indictment Goes Awry, Trump In East Palestine, Biden Not Decided 2024, Sean Hannity National Divorce, Trump's Foreign Policy Record, Abysmal Credit Scores, Louis DeAngelis From StatusCoup 2023-02-23
2/21/23: Putin Suspends Nuclear Treaty, EPA Corporate Tests in Ohio, Rich McHugh in Ohio, SCOTUS Big Tech, Project Veritas, MTG National Divorce, Fox News Texts, Trump's Primary Strategy, Government vs New Media, Dave Weigel Interview on GOP Primary 2023-02-21
2/20/23: Biden Surprise Visit to Ukraine, US Calls Off UFO Search, Buttigieg Flails On Ohio Derailment, Jimmy Carter Hospice, Marianne Williamson Runs for President, Don Lemon Potential Firing, Roald Dahl Censored, Elon Warns Dangers of AI 2023-02-20
2/18/23 FULL PARTNER ROUNDUP: Biden Anti Trust Enforcement, Big Pharma Corruption and The Ohio Rail Disaster 2023-02-18
2/17/23 Weekly Roundup: CNN Courts Charles Barkley, Plane Dive Disaster, Elon Twitter Boosts His Posts, Sanders vs Moderna, Chicago UBI 2023-02-17
2/16/23: Nikki Haley Humiliates Herself, US Says May Never Recover UFO Debris, Ohio Derailment Water Poisoning, Republicans On Ukraine Aid, MSNBC Girl Boss Haley, Feinstein Forgets Retirement, Ohio Corruption, Google Takedown with Matt Stoller 2023-02-16
2/15/23 CounterPoints: Bernie Social Security, Pompeo JFK Files and Snowden, BBC Raided for Modi Doc, Texas Woke Tax, Gretchen Whitmer Ford Plant, Cost of Thriving, Ohio Derailment Coverup 2023-02-15
2/14/23: White House Denies Aliens, Americans Told Evacuate Russia, New Houston Trail Derailment, Buttigieg Ignores Derailments, Kushner Saudi Billions, Ukraine Starlink, History of UFO Coverups, Brett Favre, Jeremy Corbell US UFO Lies, Nikki Haley 2024 2023-02-14
2/13/23: Three UFOs Shot Down, General Doesn't Rule Out Aliens, 2024 Race, Lula Shocks CNN on Ukraine Peace, Mr Beast Accused of Ableism, Big Sugar Lobbies Schools, US Killed Ukraine Peace Deal, Ohio Train Derailment 2023-02-13
2/10/23 Weekly Roundup: Krystal Responds to Rogan Controversy, State of the Union Reactions, Jeff Bezos Washington Commanders, Ohio Train Disaster 2023-02-10
2/9/23: Ukraine Fighter Jets, Bombshell Nordstream Pipeline, Twitter Hearings, Microsoft Vs Google AI, Zoom Layoffs, Trump Makes Groomer Allegations, Big Pharma, Biden Economy, IRS Tips, FBI Agent Provocateur 2023-02-09

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