Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
2/8/23: State Of The Union 2023 2023-02-08
2/6/23: Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down, Biden vs Trump 2024, Trump Refuses To Endorse GOP Primary, Biden Rigs Dem Primary, Krystal and Saagar on Joe Rogan, History of Spy Balloons, Adani Corporate Scam 2023-02-06
2/3/23 Weekly Roundup: Paul Pelosi Video Released, Bill Maher to CNN, Buzzfeed ChatGPT, Bernie Vs Pharma, Bill Gates on Epstein Ties, How George Santos Emerged 2023-02-03
2/01/23 Counter Points: Biden Meets w/McCarthy, US Rejects Ukraine Jets, UK Threatened By Putin, General Predicts War With China, Abortion Emergency, Santos Polling Immigration Reform & MORE! 2023-02-01
01/31/23: Debt Ceiling Fight, Elizabeth Warren Vs. Kamala, DeSantis Campaign, Big Pharma Corruption, CNN Ratings PLUMMET, Used Car Market & MORE! 2023-01-31
1/30/23 BP Partners: LastPass, Billionaire Censorship and The French General Strike! 2023-01-30
1/30/23: Trump Campaign Heats Up, Jordan Peterson on Desantis, Biden 2024 Run, Ukraine Fighter Jets, Trump Peace Deal, Iran Drone Attack, Tyre Nichols, Gain of Function Ban, Affirmative Action, French General Strikes, Jeffrey Stein on Debt Ceiling Fixes 2023-01-30
1/27/23 Weekly Roundup: No Fly List Hacked, Manchin At World Economic Forum, Pelosi Disses MSNBC, Desantis College, Marvel and China, UFO Debris Retrieved, Candace Owens Calls Steven Crowder Socialist 2023-01-27
1/26/23: Trump Unbanned, Tanks To Ukraine, Zelensky Fires Top Ministers, George Santos Financial Trouble, Brett Farve Corruption, Pelosi Google Stock, Jim Cramer Cringe & MORE! 2023-01-26
1/25/23 CounterPoints: Pence Classified Docs Found, DOJ Sues Google, Trump Charges, Cop City, Bezos Washington Post Sale, Ticketmaster, Elon Caves to India Censorship 2023-01-25
1/24/23: RussiaGate FBI Agent Arrested, Biden's New Chief of Staff, Microsoft Invests In ChatGPT, Universities Shocked By AI, Ruben Gallego Runs Against Krysten Sinema, Jeff Bezos Sale of Washington Post, Federal Debt, Tech Sector Layoffs, Derek Thompson 2023-01-24
1/23/23: New Biden Docs Discovered, Janet Yellen On Debt Ceiling, Trump Losing Evangelical Voters, ChatGPT, George Santos in Drag, Big Pharma Obesity, Steven Crowder Daily Wire Drama, Jonah Furman Interview on Union Density 2023-01-23
1/20/23 Weekly Roundup: Santos Steals Money from Disabled Veteran, CNN Defends MLK Statue, Men Cutting Back Work Hours, CSPAN Full Time Control of House Cameras, Single Woke Democratic Female Voting Bloc, James Li On World Economic Forum 2023-01-20
1/19/23: Trump Returns to Social Media, Twitter Loses 40% Revenue, Tesla Engineer Calls Out Self Driving, Tech Layoffs Continue, Zelensky at Davos, CNN on Covid Deaths, China's Birth Rate, Tax the Rich Legislation, Ken Roth on Harvard Blocked Fellowship 2023-01-19
1/18/23 Counter Points: Davos Summit/GOP Dreams Social Security Cuts/Republican Candidate Arrested for Hiring Assassins/Joe Rogan on Biden Docs/MTG vs Lauren Boebert/Alexander Hamilton on Debt Ceiling/American Pessimism/Clinton Email Hacker Interview 2023-01-18
1/17/23: Pharma Censors Social Media/CDC On Pfizer Booster/GOP 2024 Dodging Trump/Tanks Shipped to Ukraine/ChatGPT University Panic/Near Plane Collision/Tiktok Fools Biden/Glenn Youngkin Killed Ford Plant/Calley Means Interview Sugar Industry 2023-01-17
1/16/23: More Classified Biden Documents/Debt Ceiling Showdown/George Santos Uses Fake Name/Banks Preparing for Recession/FDA Failures/Davos Elites 2023-01-16
1/14/23 FULL PARTNER ROUNDUP: FTC, Nursing Strike, Uber Strike, Kroger Lawsuit, Obesity Crisis and MORE! 2023-01-14
1/13/23 Weekly Roundup: Biden Classified Files Saga, Pete Buttigieg Airlines FAA, Krystal and Saagar Debate Border Crisis, Jordan Peterson Censorship, Richard Wolff Interview, Trump NFT's Losing Value 2023-01-13
1/12/23: Biden Caught Second Time w/ Classified Docs, Pete Buttigieg Airlines, Ukraine Funding Scrutiny, Republicans Demand Santos Resign, SCOTUS Decision Union Rights, The View On Katie Porter, Working The Matrix, Childhood Obesity, Richard Wolff On 2023 2023-01-12

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