Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
1/11/23 Counter Points: Biden Responds to Classified Docs, Flights Grounded Across US, Net Neutrality Dedication, Mint The Trillion Dollar Coin, January 6th GeoFence, GOP VS IRS, Ro Khanna Interview 2023-01-11
1/10/23: Biden Caught W/ Classified Files, McCarthy Social Security and Medicare Cuts, America's Views On 2023, Twitter Files Pfizer Vaccines, Prince Harry's Afghanistan, Russia Twitter Trolls, Jordan Peterson, Tech Layoffs, Ioan Grillo Cartel Interview 2023-01-10
1/9/23: McCarthy Becomes Speaker, Biden Goes to Border, Cartel Wars, FTC Non Compete, Brazil's January 6th, Andrew Callaghan on NPR, Tea Party 2.0, New Frank Church Comittee 2023-01-09
1/7/23: JFK Files with Jefferson Morley, Matt Taibbi Twitter Files Interview, Epstein Lawsuit, Billionaires Losing Money, Aging Millennials Less Conservative 2023-01-07
1/5/23: McCarthy Speaker Vote Chaos, AOC Floats Compromise, Trump Blames Abortion, Mass Tech Layoffs, Jim Cramer Flips On Crypto, Age Of The Con Artist, Big Soda Smears Opponents 2023-01-05
1/4/23 Counter Points: Kevin McCarthy's Historic Loss, Twitter Pressured By Intelligence Community, SBF In Court, Idaho Killers, Bipartisan Stock Corruption, Tech Layoffs, Exclusive Matt Taibbi Interview 2023-01-04
1/3/23: McCarthy House Speaker Vote, George Santos Lies Investigation, Trump Taxes, Virgin Islands Epstein Lawsuit, CNN Midnight Screw Up, SouthWest Holiday Disaster, Home Depot Blames Socialism 2023-01-03
12/28/22: House Dems Move to Block Trump 2024, Pete's Tax Payer Private Jets, United Airlines MASSIVE Boeing Deal, The Future of Tik Tok in 2023 2022-12-28
12/27/22: Housing in 2022, Pentagon Fails Audit, Sanders War Powers Resolution, Crypto Bros Want Your 401k, Art of Class Warfare with Max Alvarez 2022-12-27
12/24/22 Weekly RoundUp: Elon Loses Twitter Poll/Zelensky Demand More Weapons/Andrew Callaghan on CNN/UFO Media Cover Ups/2022 Sign Off 2022-12-24
12/22/22: Zelensky Demands Weapons in Washington/SBF GF Flips/Nordstream Investigations/Trump Tax Returns/Elon Steps Down/MAGA Civil War/Warren Vs Wells Fargo/Ukraine Aid 2022-12-22
12/21/22 Counter Points: Zelensky in DC, Lee Fang Twitter Files, China Covid Disaster, Omnibus Explained, Lee Harvey Oswald, Religious Liberty, Elon's Animal Farm 2022-12-21
12/20/22: FBI Hunter Biden/Cops Dispute Elon Doxx/Trump Prosecution/Fake Congressman Resume/SBF Extradition/Don Lemon Triggered/Fortnite Fined/Lockdown Sickness 2022-12-20
12/19/22: Elon Poll/Taylor Lorenz Banned/Twitter Files/Sinema Registers Independent/Trump NFT Sold Out/Binance Exposed/UFOs 2022-12-19
12/16/22 - Weekly Roundup: Twitter Files, Fusion Energy Breakthrough, Coffeezilla On SBF's Fraud & The Yemen War Powers Resolution 2022-12-16
Counter Points 12/16/22: Trump NFTs, GOP Covid Report, Putin Missiles, Keystone Spill, Jan 6th Warning, Free Press Rights, Celeb NFT Lawsuits, JFK Files 2022-12-16
12/15/22: Desantis vs Trump, Matt Taibbi Interview, Tik Tok Ban, Jan 6th Texts, SEC Catches Influencers, Labor Victories, Interest Rates, and More! 2022-12-15
12/13/22: Twitter-Trump Censorship, Fusion Energy Discovery, Putin Humiliation, RNC Turmoil, Qatar EU Bribery, German Far Right Coup, CoffeZilla Interview 2022-12-13
12/12/22 - Twitter Files, Elon vs Fauci, Rail Strike EO, SBF Dodges, Qatar Reporter Death, Year of Media Failure, JFK Files 2022-12-12

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