Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
12/10/22 - Mini Show: Tom Cotton vs. Kroger, Senate Investigations, Rail Strike Updates, Military Vaccine Battles & MORE! 2022-12-10
EMERGENCY POD: Sinema Goes Independent, Twitter Files 2.0 2022-12-09
12/08/22: China's Zero Covid, Twitter File Revelations, Immigration Reform, Trump Organization, Identity Politics Pushback, GOP Infighting, Julian Assange & MORE! 2022-12-08
12/6/22 - Georgia Senate Runoff, Ukraine Strikes Within Russia, Putin Goes To Crimea, Landmark Scotus Case, Fauci Deposition, Yemen War & MORE! 2022-12-06
12/5/22 - Twitter Files, Kanye Banned, Dem Primary Rigging, SBF Lies, Iran Protests, Ivy Leagues, Buttigieg Shamed 2022-12-05
12/3/22 - Mini Show: Saudi Lobbyist, Permafrost Virus, CNN Layoffs, RailWorker Interview, FIFA, Dem Repub Chart 2022-12-03
12/3/22 - Weekly Roundup: Taylor Lorenz, Balenciaga, Blockfi, Twitter Election Interference 2022-12-03
Counter Points #15: Rail Strike, Kanye & Alex Jones, Georgia Runoff, Disney CEO, Oath Keepers, Health Insurance, Google Corruption, Afghan Central Bank & MORE! 2022-12-02
12/1/22: Biden Rail Strike, Interest Rates, Twitter/EU, Gay Marriage, Kanye, SBF Interview, Urban Doom Loop, Liver King & More! 2022-12-01
11/29/22: Elon Musk, BlockFi, Balenciaga, Georgia Senate, Julian Assange, Biden Rail Strike, Loneliness Epidemic, FTX, Fifa, and MORE! 2022-11-29
11/28/22: Chinese Protests, Trump's Anti-Semite Meeting, Ukraine Blackouts, EU v. USA Infighting, Venezuelan Oil, Taylor Lorenz & MORE! 2022-11-28
Counter Points #14: Colorado Springs Shooting, Chinese Diplomacy, Rightwing Grifts, House Battles, Trump Investigation, Election Denial & MORE! 2022-11-23
11/22/22: Rail Strike, Anti-Corporate Polls, Trump's Middle East Corruption, FIFA Anti-Gay Policy, Hunter's Laptop, Jon Stewart & MORE! 2022-11-22
11/21/22: DOJ Special Counsel, GOP Infighting, Twitter Chaos, Dem House Battles, Ticketmaster Monopoly, Fed Policy & MORE! 2022-11-21
Counter Points #13: Hunter Biden investigations, Pelosi stepping down, Hakeem Jeffries, union strikes, crypto scams, DHS abuse of power, psychedelics & MORE! 2022-11-18
11/17/22: Polish Missile Strike, Ukraine Funding, GOP Civil War, Biden Attacks Trump, Gay Marriage Bill, FIFA Corruption, Crypto & MORE! 2022-11-17
Krystal and Saagar REACT To Trump 2024 Announcement 2022-11-16
11/14/22: Dems WIN Senate, Midterms, Ukraine, Twitter, Elon And MORE! 2022-11-14
Breaking Points Full Election Night Audio 2022-11-12

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