Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
Counter Points #12: Trump/DeSantis beef, Ukraine, midterm results, Elon Musk & MORE! 2022-11-11
Counter Points #11: Ryan and Emily's Election Takeaways 2022-11-10
Krystal and Saagar's Election Takeaways 2022-11-09
11/7/22: Midterm Preview, Final Predictions, Trump vs DeSantis, Twitter Chaos, Ukraine Diplomacy, & More! 2022-11-07
Mini Show #62: Federal Reserve, GOP Agenda, Jim Cramer, & More! 2022-11-06
Stories of Week 10/30: Pelosi Attack, Elon's Plan, Affirmative Action, Midterm Races, & More! 2022-11-05
Counter Points #10: Midterm Culture Wars, Fed Policy, Censorship, Pandemic Coverups, Pelosi's Attacker & MORE! 2022-11-04
11/3/22: Suburban Voters, Dem Messaging, Twitter Policy, Gas Prices, Covid Reckoning, & More! 2022-11-03
11/1/22: Midterm Polls, Ukraine Aid, Affirmative Action, Pelosi Attack, Elon's Twitter Plans, CNN Decline, & More! 2022-11-01
10/31/22: Pelosi Attack, Midterm Forecast, Twitter Shakeup, Obama Returns, Online Censorship, & More! 2022-10-31
Mini Show #61: Fentanyl Crisis, Populist Dems, Grocery Stores, & More! 2022-10-30
Stories of week 10/23: Midterm Outlook, Rishi Sunak, Ukraine letter, China's Congress, & More! 2022-10-29
EMERGENCY POD: Paul Pelosi Attacked 2022-10-28
Counter Points #9: Midterm Polls, Housing Crisis, Semiconductor Crunch, CIA Spy Ops, Ukraine Diplomacy, Obesity Epidemic & MORE! 2022-10-28
10/27/22: Fetterman vs Oz, Ukraine Warnings, Elon Buys Twitter, House Progressives, Kennedy Assassination, & More! 2022-10-27
10/25/22: Midterm Updates, Ukraine War, Chinese Spies, Math Scores, MSNBC Cringe, Dying Neoliberalism & More 2022-10-25
10/24/22: Ukraine War, China's Congress, Midterm Voting, Student Debt, Market Fundamentalism, & More! 2022-10-24
Mini Show #60: Big Tech, Ticketmaster, Wells Fargo, Saudi Relationship, Live Predictions, & More! 2022-10-23
Stories of Week 10/16: Truss Resigns, Early Voting, Russian Unrest, Dem Agenda, & More! 2022-10-22
Counter Points #8: Midterm Polls, GOP Agenda, Gain of Function, Curriculum Battles, Iran Protests, & More! 2022-10-21

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