Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
10/20/22: Truss Resigns, Russia vs Ukraine, Energy Policy, Midterm Races, Landlord Collusion, Corruption, & More! 2022-10-20
Counter Points #7: Midterm Update, Nuclear Exercises, Hunter Biden, Local Media, Iran Protests, & More! 2022-10-18
Counter Points #6: Russian Attacks, China's Party Congress, Happiness Survey, Dark Money, & More! 2022-10-17
Mini Show #59: Health Insurance, CIA Failure, Rail Workers, AOC Confronted & More! 2022-10-16
Stories of Week 10/9: Russian Attacks, DC Warmongering, Chips Competition, Uvalde Police, & More! 2022-10-15
Counter Points #5: PayPal Policy, Senate Races, Elon Investigation, Special Master, Inflation Numbers & More! 2022-10-14
10/13/22: Nuclear War, Russia vs Ukraine, Global Recession, Fetterman's Fitness, Saudi Weapons, & More! 2022-10-13
10/11/22: Ukraine Military Aid, US vs China, Saudi Arabia, PayPal Censorship, Dem Agenda, Worker Action, & More! 2022-10-11
10/10/22: Russia vs Ukraine, Nuclear Armageddon, Weed Policy, Uvalde Police, Starbucks CEO, Midterm Ads, & More! 2022-10-10
Mini Show #58: Jackson Water Crisis, Saudi Arabia, & Seed Oils! 2022-10-08
Stories of Week 10/2: Nuclear Threats, Herschel Walker, Housing Market, & More! 2022-10-07
10/6/22: Russia vs Ukraine, OPEC Production Cut, Iran Protests, Twitter Freakout, Capitalism, Men In Crisis, & More! 2022-10-06
Counter Points #4: Midterm Races, Elon Buys Twitter, MeToo Legacy, Chris Cuomo, Working Class Voices, & More! 2022-10-05
10/4/22: Russia-Ukraine War, Energy Crisis, Housing Market, Midterm Races, NFL Scandal, Crypto Scheme, Lab Leak, & More! 2022-10-04
10/3/22: Nuclear Threats, Ukraine Offensive, Nordstream Attack, 2008 Retrospective, UK Collapse, Brazil Elections, & More! 2022-10-03
Mini Show #57: Favre Scandal, Corruption, Federal Reserve, Amazon, & More! 2022-10-02
Stories of Week 9/25: Russian Draft, Favre Scandal, Global Markets, Edward Snowden, Men In Crisis, & More! 2022-10-01
CounterPoints #3: Midterm Update, Italy PM, Antitrust Battle, Neoliberalism vs Happiness, Media Censorship, & More! 2022-09-30
9/29/22: Stock Ban, Hurricane Ian, Russian Border, Student Debt, Generation Covid, American Men, & More! 2022-09-29
9/27/22: Russian Resistance, Global Markets, Worker Strikes, Insider Journalism, Fed Policy, Glenn Greenwald, & More! 2022-09-27

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