Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
9/26/22: Russian Threats, Polling Numbers, Favre Scandal, Trump vs DeSantis, European Revolt, Iran Protests, & More! 2022-09-26
Mini Show #56: Dark Money, Herschel Walker, Lincoln Project, Adam Neumann, & More! 2022-09-25
Stories of Week 9/18: Housing Market, Putin's Escalation, Nuclear Threats, & More! 2022-09-24
CounterPoints #2: Putin Escalation, Big Tech Fight, Israel-Palestine, Surveillance Capitalism, Railway Workers, & More! 2022-09-23
9/22/22: Putin Escalation, Nuke Threats, Trump Investigations, Fed Rate Hike, Gas Price, Home Depot Workers, & More! 2022-09-22
9/20/22: Housing Market, Puerto Rico, Midterm Campaigns, Pentagon Psyop, Lab Leak, & More! 2022-09-20
9/19/22: Live Show, Foreign Affairs, Pelosi's Future, Issue Polling, Patagonia Billionaire, Railway Workers, & More! 2022-09-19
Mini Show #55: Queen Elizabeth, Union Busting, Insider Trading, Credit Cards, & More! 2022-09-18
Stories of Week 9/11: Ukraine Counteroffensive, Inflation Numbers, Railway Workers, & More! 2022-09-17
Counterpoints #1: Trump Comments, Insider Trading, Twitter Whistleblower, Afghan Funds, & More! 2022-09-16
9/15/22: Railway Battle, Abortion Ban, Inflation Numbers, Midterm Polls, Mississippi Corruption, College Rankings, & More! 2022-09-15
Railway Worker Interview 2022-09-14
9/13/22: Polling Data, Ukraine War, Gay Marriage Fight, DOJ Investigations, Rail Strike, Student Debt Lawsuits, & More! 2022-09-13
9/12/22: Ukraine Counteroffensive, Fed Policy, GOP Agenda, Jackson Water Crisis, US Healthcare System, & More! 2022-09-12
Mini Show #54: BLM Lawsuit, Abrams Struggles, Teacher Shortage, AOC Interview, & More! 2022-09-10
Stories of Week 9/4: Trump vs Biden, Ukraine War, PA Senate, & More! 2022-09-09
9/8/22: Trump Docs, Ukraine Counteroffensive, Fetterman vs Oz, California Grid, Quiet Quitting, Life Expectancy, & More! 2022-09-08
9/6/22: Biden v Trump, Special Master, GOP In Disarray, British PM, Sectoral Bargaining, Euro Energy Crisis, & More! 2022-09-06
Mini Show #53: Dark Money, Hillary Clinton, Ukraine Peace, Student Debt, & More! 2022-09-03
Stories of Week 8/28: Fed Policy, Midterm Elections, Trump Investigation, Ukraine War, & More! 2022-09-02

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