Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
9/1/22: Trump Investigation, Biden Messaging, Midterm Races, Life Expectancy, CA Policies, Big Pharma, & More! 2022-09-01
8/30/22: GOP Midterm Chances, Abortion Politics, Ukraine War, Iraq Unrest, Student Debt, Psychiatric Drugs, & More! 2022-08-30
8/29/22: Fed Policy, Trump Investigation, New Polling, Big Pharma War, Facebook Censorship, Populist Dems, & More! 2022-08-29
Mini Show #52: Political Labels, Dark Money, Stock Buybacks, Airline Dysfunction, UPS Workers, & More! 2022-08-27
Stories of Week 8/21: GOP In Disarray, Trump Affidavit, Fauci Out, Student Debt, Midterms, & More! 2022-08-26
8/25/22: Student Debt, Midterm Outlook, Ukraine Aid, Dems Agenda, Essential Workers, & More! 2022-08-25
LIVE REACTION: NY, FL Election Results 2022-08-24
8/23/22: Fauci Out, NY Elections, Stocks Plunge, Trump Lawsuit, UPS Workers, Andrew Tate, Afghanistan Policy, & More! 2022-08-23
8/22/22: GOP In Disarray, Midterms Polling, Ukraine War, Trump Affidavit, Stelter Fired, Woodstock 99, & More! 2022-08-22
Mini Show #51: Hillary vs Bernie, FBI Trump Raid, Sinema's Wall St Giveaway, Abortion Debate, & More! 2022-08-20
Stories of Week 8/14: Trump Investigation, Midterm Elections, Housing Market, CDC Overhaul, & More! 2022-08-19
8/18/22: CDC Overhaul, Trump Documents, Cheney Defeated, Maddow Replacement, Railway Workers, GOP Future, & More! 2022-08-18
Krystal and Saagar REACT To Liz Cheney Defeat 2022-08-17
8/16/22: FBI Trump Witness, Trump Lawyers, Midterm Fundraising, Dr. Oz, Housing Market, Coal Country Jobs, & More! 2022-08-16
8/15/22: DOJ Trump Investigation, GOP Messaging, FBI Attacked, Rushdie Stabbed, Alec Baldwin, IRS Agents, & More! 2022-08-15
Mini Show #50: WaPo Fact Checker, GOP Candidates, Biden Polling, Big Tech, & More! 2022-08-13
Stories of Week 8/7: FBI Raids Trump, Responses to Raid, Inflation Numbers, Taiwan Situation, & More! 2022-08-12
8/11/22: Trump World FBI Rat, Inflation Numbers, Election Results, Trump 2024, Defund FBI, Taiwan Risks, & More! 2022-08-11
8/9/22: FBI's Trump Raid, GOP Reaction, Political Implications, Legal Possibilities, Dark Brandon, Legacy Media, & More! 2022-08-09
8/8/22: Senate Legislation, China Escalation, Weapons Shipments, NATO Expansion, Monkeypox, Media Fawning, & More! 2022-08-08

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