Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
Mini Show #49: Tim Scott, Stock Ban, Union Busting, Third Parties, & More! 2022-08-06
Stories of Week 7/31: Burn Pits Bill, Schumer-Manchin Deal, Pelosi Taiwan Trip, Abortion Vote, & More! 2022-08-05
8/4/22: Abortion Vote, Primary Results, Taiwan Tension, CNN Struggles, Biden Re-election, Barstool Conservatism, & More! 2022-08-04
8/2/22: Terrorist Killed, Pelosi Taiwan Trip, Ukraine Grain, Primary Election Watch, Social Media, Forward Party, & More! 2022-08-02
8/1/22: Burn Pits Bill, Manchin-Schumer Deal, Saudi Golf League, Biden Polling, Dem Hypocrisy, Midterm Outlook, & More! 2022-08-01
Mini Show #48: Kamala Staff, Fetterman Campaign, Instagram Shakeup, Saudi Visit, & More! 2022-07-30
Stories of Week 7/24: Uvalde Report, Recession Data, Russia-Ukraine, Trump Plan, Congress Acts, & More! 2022-07-29
7/28/22: DOJ vs Trump, CHIPS Bill, Gas Prices, FTC vs Facebook, Manchin Deal, Monkeypox Facts, Economic Pain, & More! 2022-07-28
7/26/22: Recession Spin, Trump Battles, Insider Trading, Ukraine Blacklist, CNN Stunned, Public Health, & More! 2022-07-26
7/25/22: Uvalde Report, Russia-Ukraine, Post-Roe, Airline Chaos, Pelosi Trading, Recession Signs, Civil War, & More! 2022-07-25
Stories of Week 7/17: CNN Ratings, Institutional Decay, Ukraine Lobbying, & More! 2022-07-22
Mini Show #47: NYC Nuclear Video, GOP Congress, Elon vs MSNBC, & Media Engagement Tanks! 2022-07-21
Mini Show #46: Third Party Candidates, Housing Market Warning, 'Disinfo' Czar, & Biden's Saudi Trip 2022-07-19
Mini Show #45: Union Activity, CNN Ratings, Ukraine Lobbying, & Institutional Decay! 2022-07-18
Mini Show #44: Jill Biden, Uvalde Coverup, Airline Dysfunction, Dem Alternatives, Abortion Story, Airline Business, & More! 2022-07-16
Stories of Week 7/10: Abortion Response, Biden Polls, Midterm Forecast, Inflation Numbers, Uvalde Footage, & More! 2022-07-15
7/14/22: Historic Inflation, Uvalde Footage, Ukraine Weapons, Bolton Coup Admission, Class Divides, Saudi Policy, & More! 2022-07-14
7/12/22: Biden Polling, Senate Election Updates, 2022 House Map, Hunter Biden, Energy Crisis, Sri Lanka, & More! 2022-07-12
7/11/22: Biden's Abortion Response, Elon vs Twitter, Ukraine Fears, Biden's Age, Buttigieg's Plot, Shinzo Abe, & More! 2022-07-11
Mini Show #43: American Distrust, Ukraine Rebuild, FBI Tracking, Journalist Killed, Chronic Understaffing, & More! 2022-07-10

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