Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
5/24/24: ‘LET ME FINISH’: Heated Debate On Marijuana Legalization | CounterPoints Debates 2024-05-23
5/22/24: Shock Poll Huge Gen Z Boomer Divide In US, Scarlett Johansson Slams Altman Over Stolen AI Voice, Julian Assange Wins Ability To Appeal Extradition 2024-05-22
5/22/24: Thomas Massie Stomps AIPAC In Key Election, Israel Seizes AP Equipment, Israel Caught Tipping Off Gaza Aid Attackers, Bill Maher Spars With The View On Wokeness 2024-05-22
5/21/24: CNN Admits Michael Cohen Crime Worse Than Trump, Trump Demands Biden Drug Test For Debate, Congo Army Claims Americans Behind Failed Coup 2024-05-21
5/21/24: Biden And AIPAC Freak Over ICC Warrants, Ryan Confronts Biden Spox On ICC, Gaza Protests Erupt At Seinfeld Standup, Arab American Leader Speaks Out On Secret Biden Meeting 2024-05-21
5/20/24: American Net Worth Explains Trump 2024 Strong Polling, Diddy Drops Apology After Hotel Assault Video Leak 2024-05-20
5/20/24: Iran President Killed In Helicopter Crash, ICC Arrest Warrants For Israel And Hamas, GOP Pushes To Defund US Military Over Israel Arms Holdup, Biden Brazen Oct 7 Lie At Morehouse 2024-05-20
5/17/24: Beto O'Rourke Debates Immigration - Counter Points Fridays 2024-05-17
5/16/24: Biden And Trump Rig 2024 Debates, MSNBC Loses It Over Bad Biden Polls, Slovakia PM Assassination Plot, Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Fiasco, DOJ Boeing Investigation, Israel Gov In Collapse Over Gaza, Israelis Attack Palestinian Truck Driver 2024-05-16
5/15/24: Bill Burr Unleashes On Bill Maher Over Gaza Protests, American Nurses Trapped In Gaza, Biden Sends Additional Weapons To Israel, AIPAC Busted Smuggling Cash Into Election 2024-05-15
5/15/24: Fed Says Rates Will Stay High, Biden China Tariffs, Cohen Testifies In Trump Case, UNC Cancels DEI Program 2024-05-15
5/14/24: Ukraine Admits War Is Unwinnable, Report Exposes Israel Torture Camps, Lindsey Graham calls for nuking Gaza, And Meet The Hawks Behind Biden's Israel Policy 2024-05-14
5/14/24: Trump Dominates Biden In Swing States, Biden Fave CNN Anchor Dire Warning, Michael Cohen Testifies Against Trump, GameStop Stock Surge As Roaring Kitty Return 2024-05-14
5/13/24: Israel Freaks As Egypt Joins ICJ Genocide Case, Blinken Says Israel Committed War Crimes But It's Okay 2024-05-13
5/13/24: Dems Float Online DNC Amid Protests, Bitter Hillary Trashes Young Voters, Trump Unleashed At Rally, Hannity Attacks RFK JR As Radical Lefty, Billionaires Pay Lower Tax Rate Than Workers 2024-05-13
5/9/24: Glenn Greenwald Vs Ilya Shapiro On Campus Crackdowns - CounterPoints Debate 2024-05-10
5/9/24: Trump Massive Legal Wins, Trump Floats Abortion Monitors, RFK Jr Says Worm Ate Brain, Americans Flee Large Cities 2024-05-09
5/9/24: Biden Threatens HALT Israel Weapons, Sen Says Put Protesters On No Fly List, UN Expert Responds To Biden Smear 2024-05-09
5/8/24: Biden Halts IDF War Crime Report, Speaker Johnson Compares Protests To Gas Chambers, Stormy Testifies In Trump Case, Romney Admits TikTok Ban About Palestine Content, Zelensky Thwarts Assassination, GenZ Drowns In Debt 2024-05-08
5/7/24: Israel Launches Rafah Invasion, ICC Warns Senators After Threats, Trump Fined Over Gag Order, DeSantis Bans Lab Grown Meat, Columbia Cancels Commencement, Jerry Seinfeld Faceplants On PC Culture, Gaza Doc Details Rafah Horrors 2024-05-07

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