Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
Stories of Week 7/3: Recession Arriving, Highland Park, Biden Incompetence, Airline Chaos, & More! 2022-07-09
Saagar Interviews Comedian Andrew Schulz 2022-07-08
7/7/22: Biden Incompetence, Highland Park, Airline Dysfunction, Natural Gas Chaos, GOP Fringe, Oil Market Volatility, & More! 2022-07-07
7/5/22: Recession Arriving, Highland Park, 2024 Speculation, Ukraine Update, Press Sec Stumbles, Buttigieg's Inaction, Inflation, & More! 2022-07-05
Mini Show #42: Democratic Base, European Lifestyle, Airline Chaos, LIV Golf, & More! 2022-07-02
Stories of Week 6/26: Roe v Wade Overturned, Dem Inaction, NATO Expansion, Uvalde Coverup, & More! 2022-07-01
6/30/22: Jan 6 Hearings, NATO Expansion, Roe Fallout, Uvalde Coverup, Maxwell Sentence, Nicotine War, Biden Scared, Nuclear Power, & More! 2022-06-30
6/28/22: Abortion Chaos, Privacy Battles, Inflation Impacts, Uvalde Police, Maddow Replacement, Pentagon Experiments, & More! 2022-06-28
6/27/22: Roe v Wade Overturned, Political Fallout, Liberal Rage, Barstool Conservatism, Ukraine War, Airline Dysfunction, & More! 2022-06-27
Mini Show #41: Online Censorship, Gillum Indictment, TikTok, Social Security, Middle East Policy, & More! 2022-06-25
Stories of Week 6/19: Recession Coming, Uvalde Coverup, Ukraine War Sanctions, Fed Policy, & More! 2022-06-24
6/23/22: War Sanctions, GOP Primaries, Uvalde Coverup, Fed Policy, Neoliberal Order Collapse, Gas Tax Proposal, & More! 2022-06-23
6/21/22: Russia vs NATO, Gas Prices, Hillary Comments, Lorenz Demoted, TikTok Lies, Economic Shift, French Elections, & More! 2022-06-21
6/20/22: Recession Warnings, Uvalde Coverup, Buttigieg Failures, Biden Fitness, Assange Case, Global Unrest, & More! 2022-06-20
Mini Show #40: Inflation Causes, Fed Policy, Oil Markets, Crypto Scam, Woke Activism, Union Busting, & More! 2022-06-18
Stories of Week 6/12: Inflation Numbers, Gun Legislation, Market Crash, Ukraine Intel, Fed Rate Hike, & More! 2022-06-17
6/16/22: GOP Primaries, Fed Rate Hike, Ukraine Aid, Media Polls, Sanctions Fail, Biden Inaction, ESG Investing Scam, & More! 2022-06-16
6/14/22: Market Crash, Crypto Black Monday, Ukrainian Military, Trump Grift, Amazon Union, Gas Prices, & More! 2022-06-14
6/13/22: Inflation Record, Gas Prices, Gun Legislation, 2024 Election, WaPo Chaos, Societal Decay, Jan 6th Hearings, & More! 2022-06-13
Mini Show #39: Inflation, AOC, Amazon Exec Resigns, Kushner Investigation, Manager Retaliation, New Culture Wars, & More! 2022-06-11

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