Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
Stories of Week 6/5: Uvalde Coverup, CNN Shift, Depp-Heard, Baby Formula, Starbucks Workers, & More! 2022-06-10
6/9/22: Jan 6th Hearings, Uvalde Survivors, Gun Debate, Kavanaugh Scare, DC Corruption, WaPo Drama, CNN Purge, & More! 2022-06-09
6/7/22: Elon vs Twitter, Baby Formula, Starbucks Workers, WaPo Drama, Feminism's Decline, Solar Industry Giveaway, & More! 2022-06-07
6/6/22: Uvalde Police Threats, Ukraine War, Saudi Oil, PA Senate, CNN Coverage, Amazon Agenda, Top Gun, Lorenz Smears, & More! 2022-06-06
Mini Show #38: World Economic Forum, Gun Debate, Demographics, Climate Lawsuit, Dem Primaries, & More! 2022-06-04
Stories of Week 5/29: Uvalde Timeline, Police Coverup, Ukraine Strategy, NFT Fraud, & More! 2022-06-03
6/2/22: Uvalde Coverup, Ukraine Strategy, NFT Fraud, Clinton Lawyer, Depp-Heard Trial, Recession Looms, Dem Disarray, & More! 2022-06-02
5/31/22: Ukraine War, Inflation Policy, Gun Control, Stock Ban Stalls, Burn Pits, Shock Election, Gas Prices, Student Debt, & More! 2022-05-31
5/30/22: Uvalde Police Failures, Shooting Fallout, FBI's Nassar Coverup, Gun Control History, School Safety Industry, & More! 2022-05-30
Mini Show #37: BLM Finances, DHS Board, Southern Baptists, Starbucks Workers, Bezos Posting, Baby Formula, & More! 2022-05-28
Stories of Week 5/22: Uvalde Shooting, Uvalde Timeline, Primary Results, Housing Market, & More! 2022-05-27
5/26/22: Uvalde Timeline, Gun Legislation, Online Derangement, Michigan GOP, Guns and Trust, Food Crisis, & More! 2022-05-26
5/25/22: Uvalde Massacre, Primary Results, Housing Market, Trump Rage, World Economic Forum, Climate Politics, & More! 2022-05-25
5/23/22: Primary Previews, Economy Polling, Elon Accusations, Hillary Revelations, Dem Corruption, Gas Crisis, Taiwan Policy, & More! 2022-05-23
Mini Show #36: Progressive Wins, GOP Shift, Al Jazeera Journalist, Non Profit Corruption, Workplace Bullying, Ukraine Drones, & More! 2022-05-21
Best of Week 5/15: Buffalo Shooting, NATO Expansion, UFO Hearings, Primary Results, & More! 2022-05-20
5/19/22: GOP & Dem Primary Results, DHS Board, Baby Formula, NATO Disparity, Dem Civil War, George Bush, & Peter Zeihan Interview! 2022-05-19
5/17/22: PA Primaries, Elon's Twitter Threats, Legalized Bribery, UFO Hearings, WH Press Briefings, NATO Expansion, & More! 2022-05-17
5/16/22: Buffalo Shooting, NATO Expansion, Elon's Plans, Electoral Outlook, Netflix Turmoil, Economic Collapse, & More! 2022-05-16
Mini Show #35: Congress Corruption, Saudi CIA Meeting, Bank Fraud, Hunter Biden, New Right, & More! 2022-05-14

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