Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
Best of Week 5/8: Inflation Numbers, Ukraine Aid, Economic Outlook, Free Speech, Baby Formula, & More! 2022-05-13
5/12/22: Inflation Numbers, Ukraine Military Aid, Journalist Killed, Overdose Deaths, MSNBC Turmoil, Left Infighting, & More! 2022-05-12
5/10/22: Economic Turmoil, Biden's Speech, Elon Comments, Baby Formula, New Press Sec, Starbucks Workers, & More! 2022-05-10
5/9/22: Ukraine War, Roe v Wade Politics, Elon's Twitter Plans, Psaki Departure, Free Speech, Biden Betrayal, & More! 2022-05-09
Mini Show #34: Corporate Tax Breaks, Billionaire Owned Media, FBI Surveillance, Barstool Conservatism, Workers Revolt, & More! 2022-05-07
Best of Week 5/1: Roe vs Wade, SCOTUS Leak, Roe Politics, Economic Downturn, Ukraine War, Primary Results, & More! 2022-05-06
5/5/22: Roe v Wade Politics, Ohio Primary Results, Fed Policy, Union Busting, SCOTUS Outlook, Trump's Influence, & More! 2022-05-05
BREAKING: Full Coverage Of Leaked SCOTUS Opinion To Overturn Roe v. Wade & Ohio Primary Election Day! 2022-05-03
5/2/22: Ukraine War Escalation, WH Correspondents Dinner, Economic Outlook, Ministry of Truth, Student Debt, Workers, & More! 2022-05-02
Mini Show #33: Amazon Subsidies, Corporate Profits, US vs China, Media Meltdown, Labor History, Mental Health, & More! 2022-04-30
Best of Week 4/24: Elon Twitter Mayhem, CNN+ Downfall, Ukraine War, Economic Contraction, Student Debt, & More! 2022-04-29
4/28/22: Elon Twitter Firestorm, Student Debt, Bernie vs Biden, Wall St Fraud, Cawthorn Scandals, Economic Outlook, & More! 2022-04-28
4/26/22: Musk Buys Twitter, McCarthy Comments, US vs Saudis, Kamala Flop, Donziger Free, Taylor Lorenz, Bernie Sanders, & More! 2022-04-26
4/25/22: Ukraine War, French Election, Elon's Deal, Mask Mandates, Amazon Workers, Disney vs DeSantis, Obama Legacy, CNN+ Collapse, & More! 2022-04-25
Mini Show #32: The Art of Class War, Billionaire Taxes, Fox News, Rachel Maddow, Jack Dorsey, & More! 2022-04-23
Best of Week 4/17: Ukraine War Rhetoric, Musk vs Twitter, Stock Ban, Dems' Future, DC Corruption, & More! 2022-04-22
4/21/22: Crypto Billionaires, JD Vance, Media vs Jon Stewart, DC Corruption, Sen. Feinstein's Decline, & Chomsky Smears! 2022-04-21
4/19/22: Ukraine Escalation, 2024 Dems, Amazon Union, Mask Mandates, Taylor Lorenz, Testosterone Drop, Young Voters, & More! 2022-04-19
4/18/22: Ukraine War, Elon vs Twitter, Biden Polling, Stock Ban Progress, CNN+ Fail, DC Rules, Free Speech, & Amazon Workers! 2022-04-18
Mini Show #31: Dems' Amazon Ties, Life Expectancy, Georgia Elections, Mitch McConnell, Media Partisanship, & More! 2022-04-16

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