Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
Best of Week 4/9: PA Senate, Food Prices, Shanghai Lockdown, NATO Expansion, Musk vs Twitter, Inflation Data, & More! 2022-04-15
Breaking Points LIVE FROM NEW YORK featuring Kyle Kulinski & Marshall Kosloff! 2022-04-15
4/12/22: NATO Expansion, Elon vs Twitter, Inflation Data, Covid, Gen Z Misery, Kushner Corruption, Dem Warning, & Yemen Disaster! 2022-04-12
4/11/22: Ukraine Update, FBI Entrapment, PA Senate, Shanghai Lockdown, NYT Shift, Billionaire Tears, Media Humiliated, & French Elections! 2022-04-11
Mini Show #30: BlackRock, Nuclear Power, Corporate Profits, Media Influence, Twitter, Kamala, Corporate Mergers, & More! 2022-04-09
Best of Week 4/4 - 4/8: Amazon Labor Union, Media Blackmail, Obama Returns, Regime Change, Starbucks Workers, Twitter, & More! 2022-04-08
4/7/22: Ukraine War Crimes, Biden Humiliated, BLM Corruption, CNN+ Fails, Recession Forecast, Taibbi On Regime Change, & More! 2022-04-07
4/5/22: Biden's Ukraine Rhetoric, Obama's Return, Starbucks Union Busting, Amazon Censorship, Musk's Twitter Play, Iron Workers, & More! 2022-04-05
4/4/22: Amazon Labor Union, Ukraine Strategic Shifts, Russian Economic Outlook, Media Corruption, Chris Smalls Interview, & More! 2022-04-04
Mini Show #29: Hollywood Culture, Fox News Coverage, Labor Organizing, Online Censorship, Supply Chains & More! 2022-04-02
Best of Week 3/28 - 4/1: Regime Change, Hunter's Dealings, Wall St Rigging, GOP Agenda, CNN+ Launch, & More! 2022-04-01
3/31/22: Russia-Ukraine War Strategy, Domestic Production, Hunter Dealings, CNN+, Homeownership Crisis, Coal Miner Strike, & More! 2022-03-31
3/29/22: Biden Doubles Down, Billionaires Tax, Defense Spending, Recession Looms, Hunter Corruption, Midterm Forecast, & More! 2022-03-29
3/28/22: Biden Calls For Regime Change, GOP Primaries, Oscars Drama, Cosplay Class Politics, War On Fitness, & Reddit vs Wall St! 2022-03-28
Mini Show #28: Union Busting, Latino Voters, Inflation Advice, Commodities Markets, Web3 Breakdown, & More! 2022-03-26
3/24/22: Russian Dissent, Nuke Risk, Trump Fails, Kamala vs Biden, Free Speech, Wall St Greed, Iraq War Amnesia, & More! 2022-03-24
3/22/22: US-Russia Relations, Trump Comments, GOP Turmoil, Generational War, Food Crisis, Saudi Arabia, & Russia's Future with a Russian Activist! 2022-03-22
3/21/22: Russia-Ukraine Escalation, China's Shift, Hunter Biden Coverup, Fauci Returns, Indian Geopolitics, Saudi-US Relations, & More! 2022-03-21
Mini Show #27: CNN Scandal, Kyrie Irving, Hunter Biden News, Global Food Crisis, & More! 2022-03-19
3/17/22: Ukraine Military Aid, Peace Talks, Economic Outlook, Trump's future, Media Warmongering, & An Exclusive Jon Stewart Interview! 2022-03-17

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