Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
3/15/22: Ukraine Diplomacy, Economic Fallout, China's Crossroads, Anti-War Protests, & Media Propaganda feat. Matt Taibbi! 2022-03-15
3/14/22: Ukraine War Developments, Iran Nuclear Deal, Polling Perils, Online Censorship, & How Biden Can Lower Gas Prices! 2022-03-14
Mini Show #26: SCOTUS, Defense Stocks, Corporate Feminism, Nuclear Power, & More! 2022-03-12
3/10/22: Ukraine Warfare Continues, Biden Humiliated By Saudis, Inflation Hits New High, & Cultural Hysteria feat. Anna Khachiyan! 2022-03-10
3/8/22: Ukraine War News, Gas Prices Surge, Biden Polling Data , Media War Propaganda, & More! 2022-03-08
3/7/22: Ukraine Battle Updates, Oil Prices Surge, Media Censorship, Economic Warfare, and More! 2022-03-07
Mini Show #25: Wall Street, Media Shakeup, Free Assange, Economic Vulnerability, & More! 2022-03-05
3/3/22: Ukraine Battle Updates, China Shifts, Media Warmongers, Russian Oligarch Wealth Seized, & Rep. Ro Khanna! 2022-03-03
Krystal and Saagar's FULL COVERAGE of Biden's State of the Union 2022-03-02
Krystal and Saagar Provide EXTENDED Ukraine, State of the Union Coverage!!! 2022-03-01
Krystal and Saagar Give EVERYTHING You Need to Know On Ukraine Crisis 2022-02-28
Mini Show #24: SCOTUS, Olympics, Family Dollar, Corporate Evil, and More! 2022-02-26
BREAKING: Full Coverage of Putin's Invasion of Ukraine 2022-02-24
2/22/22: Putin Escalation, Media Insanity, Truth Social, PGA Turmoil, CNN's Demise, Facial Recognition, & Identity Politics! 2022-02-22
2/21/22: Ukraine Tensions, Truckers, CDC Secrets, Epstein Questions, CNN Corruption, Crypto, Child Tax Credit, & Populist Left vs Right! 2022-02-21
Mini Show#23: Student Debt, CIA Spying, Prince Andrew, CNN Imploding, MNSBC Disaster, Big Weed, & More! 2022-02-19
2/17/22: Ukraine vs Western Media, Freedom Convoy, Woke Recalls, CNN Drama, Obama's Legacy, Vladimir Putin, US-China Relations, & More! 2022-02-17
2/15/22: Ukraine Crisis Update, Canada's Trucker Crackdown, Election Landscape, AOC Silence, Sarah Palin, Trevor Noah, & More! 2022-02-15
2/14/22: Ukraine Escalation, Trucker Convoy, Clinton Spying, Trump's Toilet, CNN Derangement, Obama's Delusion, Afghanistan Crisis, & More! 2022-02-14
Mini Show #22: Corporate Media Misinformation, $18/hour Minimum Wage, Olympics Disaster, Starbucks Workers, Bezos's Yacht, & More! 2022-02-12

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