Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
2/10/22: Congressional Trading Ban, Deep State Grows, GOP In Disarray, Woke Union Busting, Bitcoin Heist, Assange DAO, & More! 2022-02-10
2/8/22: Dems Mask Shift, Facebook News, Rogan Drama, Portnoy Scoop, Les Wexner, CNN Implosion, Class Politics, & More! 2022-02-08
2/7/22: Breakdown of the Rogan Controversy, Gofundme Power, Foreign Policy, CNN Drama, Big Pharma, & More! 2022-02-07
Mini Show #21: 700K Subs, Akaash Singh, Student Debt, Substack, Amazon Workers, Rogan vs White House, & More! 2022-02-05
2/3/22: Ukraine Crisis, Jeff Zucker, Corporate Greed, Bezos Superyacht, Whoopi Goldberg, Surveillance Capitalism, Obesity Epidemic & The Case Against College For All 2022-02-03
2/1/22: GOP Agenda, Covid Polls, Starbucks Workers, Maddow Hiatus, Rogan Smears, Booster Mandates, CA Dems, Safetyism, & More! 2022-02-01
1/31/22: Ukraine Crisis, Dark Money, Polls, Trucker Convoy, NBC Neocons, Railway Workers, Rogan vs Hedge Funds, Dylan Ratigan, & More! 2022-01-31
Mini Show #20: SCOTUS, Kamala's Fall, Amazon Lobbying, CNN Streaming, & More! 2022-01-29
1/27/22: SCOTUS, Ukraine, Good News, Amazon Propaganda, Neil Young, School Masking, Vaccine Distribution, Stolen Focus, & More! 2022-01-27
1/25/22: Ukraine Crisis, Poll Numbers, Assange Case, Capitol Police, Mask Mania, Everything Bubble, The Rock, & More! 2022-01-25
1/24/22: Stock Market Crash, Ukraine Tensions, Insider Trading, Elite Narratives, Animal Rights, & More! 2022-01-24
Mini Show #19: Dem Failures, BlackRock Greenwashing, Flint Water Crisis, Prince Andrew, & More! 2022-01-22
1/20/22: Biden Speaks, Trump 2024, Drone Strike, Marianne, NPR, Late Stage Neoliberalism, Wall St Takeover, Matt Stoller, & More! 2022-01-20
Wed 1/19 Special: The Cult of the Democratic Party, Covid Truth with Dr. Vinay Prasad, Congressional Corruption, & More! 2022-01-19
1/18/22: Red Wave, GOP War, Testing Plan, Oathkeepers, Djokovic Ban, Kamala Trainwreck, Mask Wars, Nina Turner, & More! 2022-01-18
Mini Show #18: SCOTUS, Buttigieg Money, AOC, Epstein's Assistant, Whitmer Plot, Lab Leak, & More! 2022-01-15
1/13/22: Deep State, Insider Trading, Inflation, Trump Comments, Media Delusions, Tesla & China, Federal Reserve, Marianne Willamson, & More! 2022-01-13
1/11/22: CDC Confusion, Polls, Afghanistan Famine, Ivy League Cartel, Insider Trading, Bernie Sanders, MSNBC, Big Tech, & More! 2022-01-11
1/10/22: Jobs Report, 1/6 Cringe, Ted Cruz, SCOTUS, Politico, CDC Lies, Candace Owens, Millennials vs Boomers, and More! 2022-01-10
Mini Show #17: Don't Look Up, Patton Oswalt, Mike Gravel, Jon Stewart, and More! 2022-01-08

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