Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
1/6 Special: The Real Reasons Why American Democracy is in Crisis feat. Glenn Greenwald 2022-01-06
1/4/22: Meatpacking, Omicron Update, WaPo, Epstein News, Robert Malone, Elizabeth Holmes, White House Press, Austerity, Defense Contractors, and More! 2022-01-04
1/3/22: Omicron News, Twitter Censorship, Corporate Profits, Minimum Wage, Maxwell Trial, Primary Biden, Covid Lies, Starbucks Workers, and More! 2022-01-03
12/30/21: Young People, Pelosi Corruption, Cuomo Book, Meat Prices, and More! 2021-12-30
12/28/21: Biden's Media Meetings, War Crimes, Iran Nuclear Deal, CBP Spying, and More! 2021-12-28
12/27/21: Young People, CIA Crimes, Financial Regulation, Hillary's Tears, and More! 2021-12-27
Christmas Special: Don't Look Up, Fox News, Bill Burr, Feds, and More! 2021-12-25
12/23/21: Good Pandemic News, Biden Pressed, Student Loans, FBI, Amazon, Media Lies, Saagar's Retrospective, 2022, and More! 2021-12-23
12/21/21: BBB Fallout, Omicron Messaging, Trump's Vaccination, Labor Coalition, Louis CK, Fauci, Chile Election, Coal Miners Strike, and More! 2021-12-21
12/20/21: BBB Dead, Omicron Spike, Fentanyl Deaths, Kamala Confronted, Jan 6 Feds, Gen Z, CDC Lies, Elon Musk, and More! 2021-12-20
Mini Show #16: Amazon Workers, Sarah Silverman, Dollar General, Teachers, and More! 2021-12-19
12/16/21: Free Assange, Pelosi Corruption, Twitter Censorship, Student Debt, Gen Z Activism, Punchbowl News, Greed Kills, Covid Mania, Taiwan Debate, and More! 2021-12-16
12/14/21: Corruption, Budget Bill, Health Crisis, Student Debt, CNN Pedo, Fox News, Streaming Wars, Lucas Kunce, and More! 2021-12-14
12/13/21: Donziger Released, Inflation, Tornadoes, 4th Shot, Starbucks Workers, Chris Wallace, Apple, MSNBC vs Assange, Assange's Next Steps, and More! 2021-12-13
Mini Show #15: Michigan Shooting, Inflation, Fed March, Cuomos, Gas Prices, and More! 2021-12-11
12/9/21: Polls, Ukraine/Saudi Arabia, Twitter Censorship, NAFTA, Don Lemon, Clown Country, Media Madness, Free Donziger, and More! 2021-12-09
12/7/21: NYC Mandate, Chris Cuomo vs CNN, Conservative Media, Ukraine, Latinx, Huma Abedin, Tesla & China, Teamsters Election, and More! 2021-12-07
12/6/21: Cuomo Fired, GA Gov, SCOTUS, Jobs Report, Trevor Noah, Omicron Madness, Kamala Collapse, Oliver Stone Interview, and More! 2021-12-06
Mini Show #14: 6 Months, Alec Baldwin, Kathy Hochul, Chris Christie, and More! 2021-12-04
12/2/21: Omicron Spreads, Trump Covid, CNN Cuomo, China/Wall St, Maxwell Trial, Metaverse, Twitter CEO, Class Politics, and More! 2021-12-02

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