Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
11/30/21: Booster Shots, Fauci Comments, Twitter CEO, Amazon Union, Chris Cuomo, Waukesha Memory-Hole, Hillary's Legacy, Conservative Happiness, and More! 2021-11-30
11/29/21: Omicron Variant, Bidensgiving, Kamala & Pete, Amazon, Hillary Clinton, Forever Pandemic, Kushner's $$$, Travel Bans, and More! 2021-11-29
Thanksgiving Special: CNN Shakeup, Fauci's Lies, Malcolm X, MSNBC Elitism, Worker Power, FBI Informants, and More! 2021-11-25
11/23/21: Waukesha Attack, Economy News, Obama & Bezos, Andrew Cuomo, Fox News, Thanksgiving Topics, Maxwell Trial, Debating Race, and More! 2021-11-23
11/22/21: Rittenhouse Verdict, Arbery Case, Biden 2024, Hunter's Dealings, Supply Chains, YouTube Censorship, Delusional Dems, Amazon Union, and More! 2021-11-22
Mini Show #13: Pharma Dems, Pete vs Kamala, Tulsi's Shift, John Oliver, and More! 2021-11-20
11/18/21: Biden Fitness, Opioid Deaths, Inflation Profiteering, The View, Peng Shuai Missing, Buttigieg Doc, Fauci Insanity, Unvaccinated Working Class, and More! 2021-11-18
11/16/21: Kamala Disaster, Beto, Tax Cuts, Twitter Bubble, Ai Weiwei, Biden Economy, Progressives, Labor Update, and More! 2021-11-16
11/15/21: Great Resignation, Red Wave, Christie vs Trump, UFOs, MSNBC Spin, Project Veritas, Atrocity Coverup, Saudi Schemes, and More! 2021-11-15
Mini Show #12: Sinema's Cash, Kamala Tanks, McDonald's Workers, Coal Miners, Getty Wedding, and More! 2021-11-13
11/11/21: Inflation, 2022 Elections, GOP Fight, Adam Schiff's Lies, MSNBC, Starbucks, Bezos's Ego, Working Class Polling, and More! 2021-11-11
11/9/21: Biden Flop, Elon Musk, Travis Scott, Buttigieg Doc, IDW University, Heating Prices, Woke Racism, Russiagate with Glenn Greenwald, and More! 2021-11-09
11/8/21: Infrastructure Bill, Vax Mandate, Workers, CNN, Astroworld, Carlyle Group, Gas Prices, Elections, and More! 2021-11-08
Mini Show #11: Political Corruption, Trump Comments. Worker Polling, and More! 2021-11-06
11/4/21: Election Day Takeaways, Media Meltdown, SALT Tax, Barstool Conservatism, Worker Demands, and More! 2021-11-04
11/2/21: Progressives Cave, VA Gov Race, 2024 Polls, Epstein Connections, Jon Stewart, Returning to Normalcy, Katie Couric, NRA Downfall, and More! 2021-11-02
11/1/21: VA Gov Update, Polling Disaster, Biden Bill, Cuomo Charges, Fox News, Kamala vs Pete, Let's Go Brandon, and More! 2021-11-01
Mini Show #10: Elite Media, Democrats' Failures, JFK Files, and More! 2021-10-30
10/28/21: Billionaire Tax, Labor Action, Media Psyop, Tiktok, Baldwin, Food Inflation, Injustice System, Assange Case, and More! 2021-10-28
10/26/21: Facebook 'Whistleblower', Jan 6th, Obama Comments, Puppy Torture, The View, Covid Crimes, Biden's Taiwan Folly, Inflation, and More! 2021-10-26

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