Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
10/25/21: Biden Flailing, Bernie vs Manchin, Alec Baldwin, Stock Trading Rules, Rogan vs CNN, Dr. Fauci's Lies, Port Trucker Exploitation, VA Gov Forecast, and More! 2021-10-25
Mini Show #9: Jon Stewart, Senate Democrats, CNN vs Bernie, Cancel Culture, and More! 2021-10-23
10/21/21: Welfare Proposals, Tax Policy, Trump's Next Move, Airlines Backdown, Rogan vs CNN, Kill the Bill, Marriage Disparity, College Football, and More! 2021-10-21
10/19/21: Colin Powell, Union Activity, Amazon Scandal, Politico Sale, CNN Confronted, China Dependency, Biden Silence, John Deere Workers, and More! 2021-10-19
10/18/21: John Deere Strike, Sanders vs Manchin, Epstein News, Katie Couric, Sanjay Gupta, Colin Powell, Buttigieg's Paternity Leave, The Trump Factor, Monopoly Power with Matt Stoller, and More! 2021-10-18
Mini Show #8: Rahm Emanuel, Joe Rogan vs CNN, Let's Go Brandon, Prince Andrew, Kamala Cringe, and More! 2021-10-16
Workers Revolt, Inflation, Xmas Shortages, Booster Shots, Suburban Women, IRS Monitoring, CNN Propaganda, Kellogg's Strike, and More! 2021-10-14
10/12/21: Biden Polling Fall, Southwest Protest, VA Gov, Wealth Inequality, Covid Pill, The China Question, Healthcare Corruption, Labor Activity, and More! 2021-10-12
10/11/21: Jobs Report Fail, Mass Shortages, Facebook Freakout, Gifted & Talented, McConaughey, Crisis of Men, Trust Collapses, China Eyes Taiwan, and More! 2021-10-11
Mini Show #7: Homelessness Grift, Pharma Corruption, Chris Cuomo, Walton Family, and More! 2021-10-09
10/7/21: Debt Crisis Looms, Biden Approval Sinks, Gain of Function, Havana Syndrome, Jon Stewart, Striketober, Biden Caves to China, India Walton, and More! 2021-10-07
10/5/21: Debt Ceiling Crisis, Facebook Crash, Fed Corruption, CA Oil Spill, IATSE Strike, Fauci Documentary, Russell Brand Smears, 2020 Murder Spike, and More! 2021-10-05
Andrew Yang Full Interview 2021-10-04
10/4/21: Manchin's Deal, Dem Corruption, Fauci Madness, Pandora Papers, Donziger Jailed, Sinema Tongue Bath, Ozy Media's Collapse, and More! 2021-10-04
Mini Show #6: Chris Cuomo Allegations, Rep. Gottheimer Corruption, Hillary Clinton Booed, Kristi Noem Scandal, Factory Farms' Lies, and More! 2021-10-02
9/30/21: Biden MIA, Biden Covid Polls, Marine Jailed, VA Gov Update, YouTube Crackdown, Media's Dying Breath, The View's Secrets, Steven Donziger Speaks, and More! 2021-09-30
9/29/21: Pelosi Betrayal, Generals Under Fire, Federal Reserve Corruption, Harvard Mania, R Kelly, Mint the Coin, Ken Griffin, Rhode Island Politics, and More! 2021-09-29
9/27/21: Legislation Week in Congress, AOC Tears, Jan 6 Feds, Assange, Trump vs GOP, Lab Leak, Tulsi Gabbard, China's Economy, and More! 2021-09-27
Mini Show #5: Elizabeth Holmes, Walmart Worker, VA Gov Polls, and More! 2021-09-25
9/23/21: Dems in Disarray, China's Economy, W Bush Confronted, Gates' Epstein Ties, Lewinsky Shamed, Midterms Forecast, Gabby Petito, Hunter Biden Emails, and More! 2021-09-23

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