Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
9/21/21: Roe vs Wade, Stock Market Tanks, Debt Ceiling Battle, Maskless SF Mayor, Obesity Crisis, Natural Immunity, SALT Tax, Drug Prices, and More! 2021-09-21
9/20/21: Fed Rally, Drone Strike Admission, Beto's Back, Booster Update, Amazon Towns, Border Crisis, Hillary Lawyer Indicted, Russiagate Lies with Glenn Greenwald, and More! 2021-09-20
Mini Show #4: Andrew Yang, War Profiteering, COPS Show, and More! 2021-09-18
9/16/21: CA Recall Results, Biden Covid Polling, FBI Nassar Coverup, Ex-CIA Agents Hack, Nicki Minaj, AOC's Dress, Milley's Misdeeds, Drug Price Battle, and More! 2021-09-16
9/14/21: CA Recall Day, Booster Shot Truth, Travel Mandates, Woke Blackmail, Hunter Biden, Epstein Update, Facebook Protecting Elites, US Life Expectancy Drop, and More! 2021-09-14
9/13/21: Vaccine Mandate, 9/11 Retrospective, Dubya's Speech, Drone Strikes, Bernie vs Manchin, Cali Recall, Wall St Greed, and More! 2021-09-13
Mini Show #3: Joe Rogan vs CNN, Trump Roasts Haley, MSNBC Delusion, and More! 2021-09-11
9/9/21: Krystal's Return, Biden's Terrible Month, VA Gov, Liberal Healthcare Deniers, ACLU Flip-Flop, Holmes Trial, Manchin Corruption, Lab Leak, Populism, and More! 2021-09-09
9/7/21: Biden Jobs Report, 9/11 Docs Unsealed, Trump 2024, Texas Abortion Backlash, Men Abandoning College, MSM Fake News, End of 9/11 Era, American Empire in Retreat, and More! 2021-09-07
Mini Show #2: Elizabeth Holmes Trial, MeToo CEO Resigns, Chicago Mechanics Strike, Purdue Pharma Settlement, and More! 2021-09-04
9/2/21: Texas Abortion Law, Biden Phone Call, Newsom Recall, Trump's Next Moves, China's Crackdown, Biden Approval Sinking, America First Sham, The Problem With Theranos, Woke Capital, and More! 2021-09-02
8/31/21: Afghanistan War Ends, Covid Hysteria, Mask Wars, Mass Evictions, The View Shakeup, Rachel Maddow's Future, China's Semiconductor Heist, Pentagon Power with Matt Taibbi, and More! 2021-08-31
8/30/21: Hurricane Ida, Afghanistan Update, Media Warmongering, Eviction Moratorium, Vaccine Statistics, Calls for Biden's Resignation, Elite Accountability Crisis, Lessons from Afghan War, and More! 2021-08-30
MINI SHOW #1: Kamala Harris Disapproval, Nabisco Workers Strike, and Alex Jones Rips Trump 2021-08-28
8/26/21: Biden's Approval Drops, Political Stunts Gone Wrong, Cuomo's Final Lie, Bernie's Budget Bill, Eviction Battle, Lab Leak, Corrupt Democrats, and More! 2021-08-26
8/24/21: Vaccine Mandates, Australia Dystopia, Corporate Democrats, Andrew Cuomo Exits, Afghanistan Evacuations, DeSantis Derangement, Healthcare Dysfunction, California Recall, and More! 2021-08-24
8/23/21: Biden's Polling Numbers, Masks in Schools, Afghanistan, GOP Cringe, Jan 6th, Biden vs Generals, Neocons in Media, Afghan War Lies, and More! 2021-08-23
8/19/21: Afghanistan Chaos, War Profiteering, Chris Cuomo Returns, Booster Shots, Terrible Afghan Takes, Reality on the Ground, Deep State Fight, and More! 2021-08-19
8/17/21: Biden's Afghanistan Speech, MAGA Reactions, Vaccine Update, Newsom Recall, George W. Bush's Legacy, Lessons From Saigon, Afghanistan Papers, and More! 2021-08-17
8/16/21: Afghanistan Collapse, Warmonger Tears, Census Trends, Haiti Earthquake, Truth & Lies Abroad, Media Attacks Workers, and More! 2021-08-16

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