Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
5/6/24: Frat Bros Vs Palestine Protesters, Alan Dershowitz Threatens To Sue Protesters, Israel Begins Rafah Evacuation, Congressman Indicted For Foreign Bribery, Kristi Noem Demands Biden Dogs Put Down, Media Begs For Kent State 2.0, Oil Companies Caught Price Fixing 2024-05-06
5/3/24 CounterPoints Debate: Destiny Vs Omar Baddar On Israel Palestine, Safe Zones, Campus Protests 2024-05-03
5/2/24: Destiny v. Omar Debate Preview, CNN Says Campus Protests Are 1930s Germany, Congress Bans Israel Criticism, Bibi Vows Rafah Invasion, Trump Terrified Of RFK, Wall St Panic Over Mega Landlord Ban, Greenwald Exposes Mike Johnson On FISA, Boeing Whistleblower Dies 2024-05-02
5/1/24: Cops Crackdown On Student Protests, Bibi Freaks Over ICC Warrants, Judge Threatens To Arrest Trump, DEA To Reschedule Weed, Dems Save Mike Johnson From Ouster, Decline Of Christianity In America 2024-05-01
4/30/24: Young Voters Abandon Biden Over Israel, Biden Hits 70 Year Approval Low, Heated Campus Protest Debate, Israel Deems Men In Rafah Hamas, Mearsheimer Wrecks Piers Morgan, Professor Claims Campus Protests Due To No Sex, Jill Stein On Her 2024 Campaign 2024-04-30
4/29/24: Cable Viewers Brainwashed On Israel, Jill Stein Arrested At Campus Protest, SCOTUS Blow To Trump Case, Howard Stern Tongue Bathes Biden, Trump Loses It On RFK Vaccine Stance, Biden Blocking Bibi Arrest Warrant, ADL Freaks On Ilhan, Kristi Noem Puppy Murder 2024-04-29
4/27/24: Flint Michigan Doc, Amazon's "Everything War", James Li Interviews Congressional Candidate 2024-04-27
4/26/24: Don Lemon CONFRONTED On Media Bias, Bernie 2020, RussiaGate 2024-04-26
4/25/24: TikTok Vs Cable Israel Divide, Biden Says War Funding Equals Peace, Bibi Says Campus Protests Are 1930s Germany, Texas Arrests Journo At Protest, Stabbed In Eye Hoax Debunked, Republicans Push Abortion Ban, Israel Rafah Invasion Imminent, 1968 Historic Parallels 2024-04-25
4/24/24: McConnell Blames Tucker For Ukraine Skepticism, Jon Stewart Unloads On Media's Trump Trial Coverage, Hezbollah Massive Israel Strikes, UN Horrified By Gaza Mass Graves, FTC Bans Non-Competes, Columbia Student Joins Live From Encampment 2024-04-24
4/23/24: ADL Says Military Should Break Columbia Protests, MSNBC Meltdown Over Gaza Protests, Trump Rages After Trial Day One, RFK Defeats Ballot Challenge, Biden Says Uncle Cannibalized In WW2, Mass Graves In Gaza, Former IDF Goes Berserk On Krystal In Piers Morgan Debate 2024-04-23
4/22/24: Speaker Says Bible Told Me To Fund Ukraine and Israel, US Vetos Palestinian Statehood, Man Self Immolates Outside Trump Trial, UAW Volkswagen Victory, Tucker Calls Out Bari Weiss, Columbia University Protests 2024-04-22
4/19/24: Israel Strikes Iran Risking WW3, David Sirota On Biden 2024, Saagar Interview w/ Arta Moeini 2024-04-19
4/18/24: Billions To Ukraine & Israel After Tax Day, Bibi Preps Iran Response, Kari Lake Total Abortion Ban, US Caught Hiding Israel War Crimes, Boeing Whistleblower Describes Criminal Coverup, UAW Expands In The South, Bob Menendez Blames Wife For Corruption, Trump Juror Drops Out 2024-04-18
4/17/24: Congress Pushes Billions For Israel And Ukraine, Israel Blocks Oct 7 UN Investigation, USC Cancels Pro-Palestine Valedictorian Speech, Tom Cotton Calls For Violence On Protesters, SCOTUS To Rescue Trump On Jan 6 Charges, Biden To Sue Ticketmaster, Bill Maher Flames CNN' 2024-04-17
4/16/24: US Greenlights Israel Iran Response, Politicians Make Millions Off Israel War, Judge Threatens Trump Arrest, Trump Stock Investors Screwed, Israeli Settlers Rampage In West Bank, RFK Says He Turned Down Trump VP, FBI Raids Baltimore Bridge Collapse Ship, NYT Says No Using 'Palestine' Or 'Occupied' ' 2024-04-16
4/15/24: Israel Vows Retaliation, Iran Sets New Red Line, Trump Endorses 'Genocide Joe' Chant, Shock Poll On Trump V Biden, Republicans Flip On Ukraine Aid, Cornel West VP 'Racist' To Be Taylor Swift Fan, Bill Maher Says Abortion Murder But Good, CNN Defends OJ 2024-04-15
BREAKING: Iran STRIKES Israel As US Military Engages 2024-04-14
4/12/24: Would Boeing Murder A Whistleblower, Ticketmaster Criminal Conspiracy 2024-04-12
4/11/24: Top Dem Inflation Gaslighting Shut Down Live, Trump Panics After Arizona Abortion Ban, Lead Found In Lunchables, Hamas Chief Family Assassinated, Tucker Defends Palestinian Christians, Media Smears Protesters As Authoritarian 2024-04-11

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