Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
8/12/21: Cuomo Resigns, Infrastructure Passes, Media's Covid Hysteria, Rand Paul Censored, Ron DeSantis Roasted, Climate Disaster, Media Fails, Obama, and More! 2021-08-12
8/10/21: Budget Reconciliation, Josh Hawley, Climate Change, AOC, Vaccine Mandates, Healthcare Mafia, Liberal Misinformation, Biden Economy, and More! 2021-08-10
8/9/21: Infrastructure Latest, Chris Cuomo's Vacation, Student Debt Outlook, Obama's Birthday Bash, Bill Gates, Andrew Cuomo Fallout, Right Wing Cancel Culture, Miner Strike, and More! 2021-08-09
8/5/21: Andrew Cuomo's Downfall, Chris Cuomo's Silence, Eviction Moratorium Extended, Amazon Union Busting, Dem 2022 Worries, Lab Leak, Nina Turner, Inside DC, and More! 2021-08-05
8/3/21: Eviction Moratorium Chaos, DC Media Fails, Vaccination Uptick, Congressional Covid Roadblock, Obama's Birthday Bash, Covid Censorship, Financial Free fall, Rep. Ro Khanna, and more! 2021-08-03
8/2/21: Eviction Moratorium, Media Misinformation, DC Mayor Exposed, Lincoln Project Grifting, Nina Turner, Vaccines, Congressmen Fighting Big Tech, and More! 2021-08-02
7/29/21: Biden's Infrastructure Bill, Workers Against Vaccine Mandates, Kushner's New Grift, Trump's Failed Endorsement, Bernie Speaks, CDC Disaster, Simone Biles Derangement, Miners Striking, and More! 2021-07-29
7/27/21: Jan 6th Derangement, Privacy Wars, Frito-Lay Workers, Donziger Case, Trump grifting, 2024 Outlook, Fauci's Plan, Private Equity, and More! 2021-07-27
7/26/21: Biden's Polling Numbers, Tucker Spying Confirmed, Pentagon Budget, Cuomo Let Off, Hunter Biden's Art, Renewed Lockdown Hysteria, Media Silence, Vaccines, and More! 2021-07-26
7/22/21: FBI's Plot Exposed, Fauci vs Rand Paul, Ben & Jerry's, NSO Spyware Abuses, Frito-Lay Workers, Bezos's Space Trip, NPR Smears, Big Tech Dominance, and More! 2021-07-22
7/20/21: Delta Scares Markets, Biden vs Facebook, Capitol Rioter Charged, Haiti Update, Dems 2022 Fears, Cash vs Culture, CNN's Streaming, Covid Skeptics, and More! 2021-07-20
7/19/21: Biden Pressuring Facebook, CNN Humiliation, Lab Leak, Delta Variant, Caitlyn Jenner, Inflation Deepdive, Climate Disaster, Right to Repair, and More! 2021-07-19
7/15/21: Biden's Infrastructure Package, Inflation Facts, Bush On Afghanistan, Cuba Developments, FBI Failures, Epstein Update, Job Losses, and More! 2021-07-15
7/13/21: Global Chaos, Haiti Situation, Billionaire Space Race, Vaccine Surveillance, Child Tax Credit, White Liberals, White House Corruption, and More! 2021-07-13
7/12/21: National Security State, Biden Orders, Afghanistan, Rent Prices, Hunter's Art, Media Fails, Haiti Situation, GOP Future, and More! 2021-07-12
7/8/21: FBI Informants, Trump's Latest Grift, NSA Spying, Assange Case, Haiti Chaos, Corruption, Wealth Transfers, NYC Results, and More! 2021-07-08
7/6/21: Exxon Corruption, Surfside Tragedy, Amazon's Inhumanity, Britney Spears, Sock Eating, Kamala Harris, Freedom, and more! 2021-07-06
7/1/21: Bill Cosby Injustice, Nina Turner Campaign, Trump Organization Indictments, NSA Spying, Media Bloodbath, Billionaire Armies, NYC Mayoral Election, and More! 2021-07-01
6/29/21: Syria Bombs, Unemployment Benefits, BlackRock's Power, Tax Cuts, Mike Gravel, Cancel Culture, Loss of Friendship, Facebook, and More! 2021-06-29
6/28/21: Biden's Infrastructure Deal, Tragedy in Florida, More UFO Info, Julian Assange Case, John McAfee's Death, Woke Military, Socialism in America, and More! 2021-06-28

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