Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
4/10/24: Arizona Civil War Era Abortion Ban, CNN Debunks Israel Flour Massacre Lies, Ecuador Raid On Mexican Embassy, MTG Threatens Johnson Ouster, Norfolk Southern Fined Over Derailment, NPR Editor Blasts Organizations Bias 2024-04-10
4/9/24: Trump Attacked On Abortion Stance, The Rock Refuses Biden Endorsement, RFK Staffer Says Goal Is Help Trump, Young Billionaires All Nepo Babies, Blackstone Housing Takeover, Amazon Fake AI Grocery Store, Jesse Watters Hates $20 Fast Food Wage, Bibi Vows Rafah Invasion, Bibi Begs For WW3 With Iran Strike 2024-04-09
4/8/24: Israel Pulls Out Of South Gaza, Pelosi Flips After Jose Andres Strike, Ecuador Storms Mexican Embassy, PBD Rips Shapiro After Candace Firing, Rogan Debates Coleman Hughes On Israel, Trump $50 Mill Fundraiser, Israel's AI Death Machine 2024-04-08
4/5/24: Media Gaslights 'Uncommitted Voting', Is Real Estate Tech Company Flow A Scam? 2024-04-05
Publish 4/4/24: MSNBC Panics Over Biden 2024, Florida Ballot Initiatives Screw Trump, Tulsi Turns Down RFK VP, Biden Scripted Interviews, Stephen A Smith Dismantles Hillary, Jose Andres Blasts Israel For Aid Strike, Jill Biden Angry At Gaza Policy, Teamsters President Calls Out Newsom 2024-04-04
4/3/24: Biden Spox Defends Israel Aid Strike, Israeli Media Weeps For Bullied IDF Criminals, Hillary Attacks Undecided Voters, Jon Stewar Exposes Apple Censorship, The View Debates If US Better Now Or Under Trump, AIPAC Attacks Jan 6 Cop, Biden Donor Says Admin Starving Gaza 2024-04-03
4/2/24: Israel Strikes Top Iranian General, WCK Aid Workers Killed In Gaza, Trump Peace Calls Trigger Israel, Gen Z Goes Blue Collar, 60 Minutes Havana Syndrome, Richard Dawkins Islam Debate, Israel Destroys Al Shifa Hospital, Activist Confronts Congressman In Viral Hallway Vids 2024-04-02
4/1/24: Obama Snaps At Biden Protestors, Congressman Says 'Nuke Gaza', Candace Owens Warpath, Diddy Investigation, Baltimore Bridge Update, Biden Reloads Israel's Weapons 2024-04-01
3/29/24: Your Car Is Spying On You, West Virginia Water Contamination Crisis 2024-03-29
3/28/24: Biden Spox Storms Out After Dementia Question, Trump War On RFK, RNC Demands Stop The Steal Oath, Rogan Says Israel Genocide, Pro-IVF Dem Flips Trump District, NYT Debunks Own Oct 7 Report, Biden Admin Smears UN Expert As Antisemite 2024-03-28
3/27/24: Blinken Warns Bibi 'Stuck In Gaza', 12 Palestinians Drown During Botched Air Drop, Baltimore Bridge Conspiracies, RFK Supporters Rage Over VP Pick, Ronna McDaniel Axed After Maddow Meltdown, UK Tax Boycott Over Israel 2024-03-27
3/26/24: Baltimore Bridge Collapse, Bibi Cancels US Meeting After UN Vote, Shocking New Israel Polls, Trump Accidentally Pushes Gaza Ceasefire, Trump Bond Reduced, Boeing CEO Out After Whistleblower Death, Feds Raid P Diddy Homes, Andrew Huberman Smeared, Assange Extradition Paused 2024-03-26
3/25/24: Putin Blames Ukraine For Moscow Attack, ISIS Claims Responsibility, Trump Truth Social Financial Bailout, NBC Hosts Furious Over Ronna McDaniel hire, Alex Jones Flips On Israel After Civilian Strike, Israel Expands Settlements, GOP Resignation Exposes Revolving Door, Apple Hit With Lawsuit 2024-03-25
3/21/24: Dems Fund MAGA Candidates, Fox Begs O'Leary To Bail Out Trump, US Happiness Plummets, Biden Impeachment Hearing Off The Rails, Israeli Gen Says War Over Without US Weapons, Bibi Gaza Port For Ethnic Cleansing, Trump Says Jewish Dems Hate Their Religion 2024-03-21
3/20/24: Bibi Defies Biden After Rafah Call, Israeli Spox Suspended, Kushner Says Gaza Waterfront Valuable, Mnuchin Floats Tiktok Purchase, Bernie Spars WIth Fox On 32Hr Work Week, Peter Navarro Prison, SCOTUS Says Texas Can Deport Migrants, NYT Praises Deepstate, Havana Syndrome Proved Fake, Honduras War On Crypto Bros 2024-03-20
3/19/24: SCOTUS To Back Biden Censorship, Don Lemon Humiliated In Elon Interview, Trump Fails To Get $450M Bond, Biden Ducks Trump Debate, RFK Jr VP Pick, Real Estate Agent Doomsday, Shocking Boeing Whistleblower Update, Dem Blasts Israel UNRWA Lies, Finkelstein Dogwalks Destiny On Israel 2024-03-19
3/18/24: Trump Says Biden Weak On Israel, Media Pushes Trump 'Bloodbath' Hoax, Nathan Wade Resigns, NY Case Delayed, Boeing Whistleblower Friend Alleges Foul Play, Bibi Furious After Schumer Election Call, SCOTUS Rules Politicians Can't Block Constituents, New Migration Data 2024-03-18
3/15/23: Billionaire Backed Stadiums, Real Estate Expert Says 'Death of American Dream', and Interview w/ ER Doctor from Gaza 2024-03-15
3/14/24: TikTok Sale Or Ban Passes House, Judge Tosses Fani Willis Trump Charges, RFK Jr Considers Aaron Rodgers For VP, Ben Shapiro Owned On Social Security, Don Lemon Contract Terminated By Musk, Former Ambassador Predicts Haiti Revolution 2024-03-14
3/13/24: Robert Hur Explosive Biden Hearing, UAE Threatens Israel Over Gaza Aid, State Dep Spox Confronted On IDF Abuse Of Medics, CPI Inflation Rise, Kenya Halts Troops To Haiti, Putin Floats Ukraine Negotiations, Leaked Report Says Ukraine Victory Impossible, Andrew Tate Arrested After Adin Ross Leak 2024-03-13

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