Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
3/12/24: Trump Floats Social Security Cuts, Non Whites Flee Dems, Boeing Whistleblower Dead, Biden Memory Transcript Revealed, US Intel Says Bibi Gov Collapsing, Pope Smeared As Putin Puppet, Bill Maher Dream Ticket Biden Haley, Pentagon Says No UFO Evidence, Haiti PM Resigns Amid Gang Uprising 2024-03-12
3/11/24: Bibi Rejects Biden Rafah Red Line, Biden 'Illegal' SOTU Debate, MSNBC Drools Over Biden SOTU, Israel Fans Freak After Oscar Protest Speech, Trump Against TikTok Ban, Kate Middleton Edited Photo Conspiracy, Pentagon Admits Troop Risk At Gaza Port, CNN Confronts Israeli Aid Protesters, Israel Tortures UNRWA Staff 2024-03-11
All In Podcast's David Sacks SOUNDS OFF On Biden's Ukraine, Gaza FAILURES 2024-03-10
3/8/24 Post State Of The Union Reaction w/ Krystal and Saagar, Ryan and Emily 2024-03-08
3/6/24: Nikki Haley Drops Out Refusing To Endorse Trump, Dem Revolt In Super Tuesday Uncommitted Vote, Victoria Nuland Resigns, Kyrsten Sinema Retires, Israel Threatens Lebanon War As Hezbollah Fires Rockets, And Red Sea Cables Destroyed As Houthi Attacks Continue 2024-03-06
3/5/24: Michael Moore DIRE Biden Warning, MSNBC Says To Scare Voters From Trump, All Demos Say Trump Policies Better Than Biden, Corporate Landlords Rent Price Collusion, SCOTUS Trump Ruling Debate, Whoopi Goldberg Meltdown, UN Report Can't Prove Sexual Assault Claims, and Local Israelis Debunk NYT 2024-03-05
3/4/24: SCOTUS 9-0 In Trump Ballot Case, Kamala Gaslights On Ceasefire, US Airdrops Gaza Aid, Non-Whites Shift To Trump, Biden Avoids College Campuses, Nikki Wins DC, CNN Anchor Rips Biden On Israel, NYT Chaos After Debunked Oct 7 Report, Flour Massacre Evidence Exposes Israel Lies, Elon Sues Sam Altman 2024-03-04
2/29/24: Trump Trial May Extend After Election, McConnell Retirement, Dearborn Mayor Warns Biden, MSNBC Cope After Michigan Rebuke, IDF Attacks Starving Gazans, NYT Stands By Debunked Hamas Report, RFK Qualifies In Swing States, Newsom Panera Corruption 2024-02-29
2/28/24: 100k Michigan Uncommitted Votes, Trump Skyrockets With Youth And Hispanics, Starbucks Caves To Union, Dems Force IVF Vote, Biden Ceasefire Collapses, Students Troll Lockheed Exec, Jon Stewart Torches Biden Russia Israel Hypocrisy, Schumer Demands Ukraine Border Protection, Assange Brother Reveals Dire Stakes 2024-02-28
2/27/24: Big Tech Freakout Over SCOTUS Case, Biden Popularity Plummets, Ukraine Says Navalny Death Natural, NATO Floats Troops In Ukraine, Seth Meyers Laps Up Biden Gaslighting, Pelosi Freezes On Basic Israel Facts, Vice Shuts Down, Rogan Fights Kid Rock Over Israel, NYT Writer Outed As Propagandist 2024-02-27
2/26/24: Nikki Loses To Trump In SC, Trump Endorses IVF, Biden Donors Horrified At Notecard Reliance, Michigan Voters Stun MSNBC, Zelensky Lies About Troop Deaths, US Airman Self-Immolates, Bibi Freaks During Critical Interview, Woke Google AI Dystopia, And Taylor Lorenz Vs LibsOfTiktok 2024-02-26
2/23/24: Ukraine War 2 Year Anniversary, Inside Scientology With Former Member, Gateway To Statesmanship Book 2024-02-23
2/22/24: Pelosi New Trump Russia Conspiracy, Nvidia Surges Amid AI Boom, Kellogg CEO Tells Poor Eat Dinner Cereal, Google AI Shut Down, Dems Panic Over Michigan Israel Revolt, Republican Calls For Gaza Extermination, Gaza Food Trucks Ambushed, Assange Trial Wraps Up 2024-02-22
2/21/24: Alabama Rules Embryos Are Kids, Trump Team Plots Abortion Ban, Nikki Haley Home State Humiliation, SCOTUS Rejects Affirmative Action Case, Biden Spox Glitches On IDF Sexual Assault, IDF Tells Troops Stop Posting War Crimes, Assange Final Appeal Hearing, Jon Stewart Attacks BlueAnon And Tucker, Former Miner Reveals Coal Baron Secrets 2024-02-21
Publish 2/20/24: NYT Sounds Alarm On Biden Age, Hunter Biden Star Witness Indicted, Wild New Sora AI Videos, US Backs Temporary Ceasefire, Houthis Most Damaging Attack Yet, ICJ Hears Israel Occupation Case, MSNBC Horrible Best And Worst Presidents List 2024-02-20
2/19/24: Ukraine Retreats From Stronghold, Russia Claims Navalny Sudden Death Syndrome, Fani Willis Humiliated On Witness Stand, CIA Cooked Russiagate Intel, Elon Attacks Matt Taibbi, Israel Splits Gaza Ahead Of Rafah Invasion, Lula Compares Bibi To Hitler, Tlaib Says No Biden Vote In Primary 2024-02-19
2/15/24: Russian Space Nuke Hysteria, Morning Joe Pushes Russiagate, Former Biden Trump Voters On RFK Jr Support, The View Panics Over Jon Stewart, Israel Storms Largest Gaza Hospital, IDF Photoshoot In Gaza Kitchens, Ukraine Sends Troops To Meatgrinder, Taylor Swift Conspiracy Backfires On Republicans 2024-02-15
2/14/24: Senate Passes Ukraine Israel Aid, House Impeaches Biden Border Sec, Biden Spox Says IDF More Moral Than US Military, Dems Flip George Santos NY Seat, Bill Maher Smacked Down On Inflation, And Pakistan Reels From Election Chaos 2024-02-14
2/13/24 ISRAEL SPECIAL: Bibi Demands US Pay For Gaza Tent Cities, Dem Attacks Israel 'War Criminals', Israel Bombs Medics Rescuing 6 Year Old Girl. 2024-02-13
2/13/24: RFK Voters Sound Off On Israel And Ukraine, DNC Sues RFK In Ballot War, Kamala Ready To Serve If Biden Dies, Jon Stewart Triggers Liberals, SCOTUS Scorns CO Trump Ballot Removal 2024-02-13

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