Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
2/12/24: Kennedy Voters Reveal Motivations, Maddow Excuses Biden's Age, Trump Attacks NATO, Tucker Interviews Putin, Israel Bombs Rafah 2024-02-12
2/8/24 BREAKING: Special Counsel Says Biden 'TOO OLD' To Convict For Crimes, Pakistan Election REJECTS US Backed Regime 2024-02-08
2/8/24: Ukraine And Israel Funding Doomed, Nikki Humiliated Losing To Empty Ballot, Trump Says Bud Light Not Woke, Bibi Rejects Ceasefire Proposal, Saudis Embarrass Biden With Israel Rebuke, Saagar Reviews Apple Vision Pro, Hannity Airs Live Hate Crime, Hillary Melts Down Over Tucker Putin Interview, Krystal And Saagar Debate 'No Fap' 2024-02-08
2/7/24: Hamas Offers New Ceasefire Deal, Israel Strikes Aid Truck As Famine Looms, Court Rejects Trump Immunity, Dem Gambit Tanks GOP Border Impeachment, Jen Psaki Freaks Over Tucker Putin Interview, Pakistan Rigs Election Arresting Opposition, And Lee Fang Confronts Gov On Censorship 2024-02-07
2/6/24: Schumer Threatens Boots On Ground If Ukraine Aid Fails, AI White Collar Mass Layoffs, High Grocery Prices Explain Economic Doom, Biden Lies About Iraq Strikes, Media Runs Israel UNRWA Claims With Zero Evidence 2024-02-06
2/6/24: Krystal And Saagar GO TO WAR Over Border Crisis Bill 2024-02-06
2/5/24 ISRAEL SPECIAL: Biden Bombs 3 Countries Insisting No Wider War, Israeli Gov Calls Biden Settler Sanctions Antisemitic, Media Smears Dearborn As Jihad Capital, And Major AIPAC Donors Revealed 2024-02-05
2/5/24: Black Voters Stun MSNBC With Trump Support, Biden Ask Fetterman For Young Voter Help, Trump Prosecutor Admits Affair In Huge Blow To GA Case 2024-02-05
2/2/24: Headline Bias, Birthright Trips, Interview w/ UAW Members Angry At Biden Over Israel 2024-02-02
2/1/24: Bibi Govt In Tatters Over Hostage Deal, US Court Rules Plausible Biden Complicity In Genocide, Biden Abandons Michigan Arab Americans, House Moves To Impeach Over Border, Senators Humiliated In Tech Hearing, Rightwing Taylor Swift Conspiracies Explode, CNN Catches IDF Lie On Cemetery Atrocity 2024-02-01
1/31/24: State Dep Gaslights On 'Contained' War, Kamala Crumbles During Israel Interview, Israel Raids Hospital Disguised As Doctors, NYT Pulls Daily Podcast Amid Revolt, Cori Bush Investigated, Ilhan Omar Somalia Scandal, Rep Salazar Brags On Funding She Voted Against, E Jean Carroll Offers Maddow Penthouse, Ryan Bodies State Dep On Imran Khan 2024-01-31
1/30/24: Krystal And Saagar Debate Texas-Biden Border Standoff, RFK Jr Says Trump Approached For VP, Trump Fortune At Risk Amid Defamation Case, Biden Caught With US Troops In Yemen, Israel Promises Imminent Lebanon War, Israeli Protesters Block Aid To Starving Gazans 2024-01-30
1/29/24: Neocons Demand Iran War, Biden Cuts UNRWA Funding, Pelosi Says Ceasefire Protests Are Putin Puppets, Michigan Mayor Torches Biden On Israel, Taylor Swift Deepfake AI Outrage, And Young Men Rightwing Realignment 2024-01-29
BREAKING: 3 US Troops KILLED, Biden Blames 'Iran Backed' Groups 2024-01-28
1/26/24 BREAKING: ICJ Finds GENOCIDE RISK, ORDERS Israel To Comply 2024-01-26
1/25/24: UAW Backs Biden 2024, Texas Dares Biden To Remove Border Wire, US Begs China To Help With Red Sea, Israel Plans Gaza Buffer Zone, Boeing Caught With More Part Failures, Dems Try To Ban Zyn Pouches, Jon Stewart Returns To Daily Show, And Case Closed On Covid Origins 2024-01-25
1/24/24: Nikki Refuses To Drop Out After Trump Win, Biden Wins New Hampshire, IDF Caught Committing War Crimes On CNN, SCOTUS Smacks Down Texas In Biden Border Fight, And Ryan Gosling Fumes Over Oscar Snub 2024-01-24
1/23/24 BREAKING: Trump WINS BIGLY In New Hampshire 2024-01-24
1/23/24: Nikki Haley HUMILIATED By Trump Voters, Krystal, Saagar, Ryan NH PREDICTIONS, Biden DeepFake, Ceasefire Write In, Trump GA Prosecutor Affair Allegations, 24 IDF Soldiers Killed, Columbia Students Attacked 2024-01-23
1/22/24 ISRAEL: Biden Admits Houthi Strikes Are Failing, Navy Seals Declared Dead, Bibi Beclowns Biden On Two State Solution 2024-01-22

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