Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
1/22/24: Trump Attacks Nikki Haley And Retires 'DeSanctimonious', Biden NH Rival Surges, Javier Milei Sucks Up To WEF Elites, And Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Info Emerges 2024-01-22
BREAKING: DeSantis DROPS OUT, Endorses Trump 2024-01-21
1/18/24: Bibi Says War Until 2025, Biden Failure As Houthi Attacks Increase, And Israel Uses Gaza As Weapons Testing Ground 2024-01-18
1/18/24: Media Cancels GOP Debates Ahead Of NH, Biden Panics Over NH Polls, Taiwan Elects Anti-China President, Chinese Population Drops 2024-01-18
1/17/24: Biden Houthi Strikes Backfire, Senate Rejects Bernie's Israel Bill, Shock Poll Shows Nikki Tied With Trump In NH, Texas Wars With Biden Admin After Migrant Drownings, Ukraine Gives Psychedelics To Troops, And New Report On Poorest Districts In The US 2024-01-17
1/16/23: Trump Dominates Iowa, DeSantis Claims Media Interference, Vivek Drops Out Endorsing Trump, Navy Seals Missing, Iran And Houthis Attack, IDF Pulls Some Troops From Gaza, And Ro Khanna Calls Out Biden Illegal Houthi Strikes 2024-01-16
1/15/23 Israel Special: 100 Days In Of Gaza War, Bibi Tells USA 'This Is Your War', Two Navy Seals Lost During Yemen Operation 2024-01-15
1/15/23 Election Special: Krystal and Saagar Iowa Caucus Predictions, Why Nikki Support Is Fake, Trump Opens Fire On Vivek, Voter Gives DeSantis Participation Trophy 2024-01-15
1/12/24 Israel Special: US Attacks Yemen Houthis, Israel's Presents ICJ Genocide Defense, Norm Finkelstein On ICJ Hearings, And US Directly Aids Israel Strikes In Gaza 2024-01-12
1/11/24: GOP Debate Highlights, GA Trump Prosecutor Scandal, Hunter Storms Out Of Congress, DeSantis Affirmative Action For Jews, Media Bias On Israel Exposed 2024-01-11
Israel Special 1/11/24: Israel Warns Of Regional War, Bibi Freaks Over Genocide Case, Norm Finkelstein Predicts Outcome Of ICJ Case 2024-01-11
BREAKING: Chris Christie DROPS OUT, Burns Desantis, Haley On Hot Mic 2024-01-10
1/10/24: SEC Account Hacked Causing Bitcoin Chaos, ICJ Lawyer Says Israel Will Lose Genocide Case, Fauci Flip Flops In Congress, WH In Dark On SecDef Cancer, Police Clash In Secret Synagogue Tunnels, Don Lemon Returns, Israel Critics Purged On Twitter 2024-01-10
1/9/24: Israel Demands US Occupy Gaza, Israelis Push Oct 7 Friendly Fire Investigation, Ceasefire Protesters Blockade NY Streets, Nikki Surges Ahead Of Iowa, Loose Bolts Found On Boeing Planes, Mehdi Hasan Out At MSNBC, And New Podcast On Abolitionist John Brown 2024-01-09
1/8/24: 100 IDF Troops Wounded, Israel Hezbollah War Looms, CNN Caught Using IDF Censor, Defense Sec Hides Hospitalization, Obama Panics Over Biden Campaign, Bill Ackman Freaks Over Wife Plagiarism, Boeing Plane Rips Apart, Biden Donor Sounds Off On Gaza Handling 2024-01-08
1/6/24: Krystal BREAKS DOWN Israel Genocide Charge 2024-01-06
1/4/24: Ryan Confronts Biden Admin On War Crime Charges, Broader War Looms After Iran Attack, Bernie Demands No Israel Funding, Trump Beats Biden With Young Voters, Epstein Documents Unsealed, Wall St Dystopian Landlord Scheme, And Bibi Allies Defend Starvation Of Gaza 2024-01-04
1/3/24: Israel Assassinates Hamas Leader In Lebanon, Harvard President Resigns, Kimmel Threatens Lawsuit After Epstein Allegations, Congress Caught Profiting From Israel War, And Tech Leader Exposes Industry Pro-Israel Bias 2024-01-03
1/2/24: Israel Withdraws Troops From Gaza, Israel Constitutional Crisis, Media Flips On Ukraine Amid Russia Strikes, Maine Drops Trump From Ballot, MSNBC Rips Biden Poll Numbers, Tucker And Shapiro War Over Israel Loyalties' 2024-01-02
12/30/23: Israel Demands US Attack Iran 2023-12-30

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