Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti


Title Date published
12/28/23: Israeli Historian Raz Segal On Genocide And Gaza 2023-12-28
12/27/23: Israel Declares “7 Front War,” Assassinates Top Iranian General 2023-12-27
12/27/23: Tucker Carlson SOUNDS OFF On Ben Shapiro, Israel, Free Speech And UFOs 2023-12-27
12/26/23: Norm Finkelstein UNLEASHED On Bill Maher, RFK Jr, Netanyahu 2023-12-26
12/21/23: Debate On Trump's Removal From Ballot, Yemen Threatens War, Israel Economy Tanks, Israeli's Say Quiet Part Out Loud, Dems Shut Down Primary For Biden, Harvard President Plagiarism Scandal, Best Moments And Plot Twists Of 2023 2023-12-21
12/20/23: Trump Removed From Colorado Ballot, Ryan Hammers State Dep On Israel, Israel Offers Hamas Pause For Hostages, Document Vindicates Imran Khan, Epstein Names To Be Revealed, Tucker Attacks DeSantis On Ukraine, And Freedom Caucus Says Ukraine Aid Dead On Arrival 2023-12-20
12/19/23: US Approval In Middle East PLUMMETS Over Israel, Pope Accuses Israel Of Terrorism, Japan Buys US Steel Giant, Justice Thomas Threatened Quitting, Biden Campaign Delusional, Absurd Hollywood Civil War Map 2023-12-19
12/18/23: IDF Shoots Hostages, Israel Protests Erupt, Shipping Crisis Amid War, Trump 'Nazi' Blood Rhetoric, Nikki Haley Pressed On Trump, Ukraine Kidnaps Citizens For Draft, Fetterman Says He's Not Progressive, Senate Staffer Fired For Sex Tape, And Bibi Admits Two State Solution Dead 2023-12-18
12/16/23: Former Chapo Host on Bernie's Israel Betrayal, Interview w/ Harvard Professor On Antisemitism and College Campuses 2023-12-16
12/15/23: RFK JR. CHALLENGED On Israel, Free Speech, Epstein 2023-12-15
12/14/23: 20% Of IDF Deaths Friendly Fire, School Massacre in Gaza?, Hunter In Contempt, Tech Firm Company Towns, Schumer Confirms UFO Coverup, Obama Linked Karen Muslim Harassment, Debunking Ukraine Lies 2023-12-14
12/13/23: Biden Tells Bibi He Must Change, IDF Runs Psyop On Israelis, Zelensky Begs For Aid In DC, Elon Goes To War With Unions, UAE Climate Conference Ignores Fossil Fuels, And Congress Battles Over Surveillance Legislation 2023-12-13
12/12/23: Israel Hides Massive Casualties, Hamas Combat Footage, Israel Uses White Phosphorus, Zelensky Begs For Aid, Scotus May Save Trump, Shocking Housing Numbers, Deadly Panera Lemonade, US Gaslighting On Israel 2023-12-12
12/11/23: US Terrified Of Israel Lebanon War, Israel Apologizes For 'Abu Ghraib' Photos, UPenn President Forced Out, Ben Shapiro Cheers Jewish Quotas, Hillary Takes Charge Of Biden 2024, Texas Abortion Horror Story, Israel Assassinates Gaza Poet, And Why Israelis Want Bibi Gone 2023-12-11
12/9/23: COVID, TRUMP, Q-ANON: Evangelical Extremism with Tim Alberta 2023-12-09
12/8/23: HUNTER INDICTED: Blatant Ukraine Corruption Revealed, Ivy League Presidents FACE FIRING After Hearing 2023-12-08
Publish 12/7/23: GOP Debate Wild Moments, Israel Floods Gaza Tunnels, Biden Says Trump Is Only Reason He's Running, Ukraine Aid Package Fails, Massie Smeared As Antisemite, And Ivy League Presidents Reveal DEI Hypocrisy 2023-12-07
12/6/23: Bibi Shouted Down By Freed Hostages, Tapper Spars With Israeli Rep, Putin Meets With MBS, Pakistan Deepfake Smear Of The Intercept, Tuberville Folds On Military Hold Up, GOP Pushes To Impeach Biden, And How The CIA Helped Assassinate Lumumba 2023-12-06
12/5/23: Kamala Screws Gaza Future Day One, Israel May Cost Biden 2024, Israeli Stocks Shorted Before Oct 7, Life Expectancy Crisis, Lindsey Flips On Ukraine, Biden Spox Caught Lying On Israel, And Ro Khanna Calls Out Biden 2023-12-05
12/4/23: US Warns Israel Of Strategic Defeat, Israeli Hero Executed By Settler, Paul Ryan Backs Nikki, Dems Rig FL Primary, Santos Unleashes After Expulsion, Mehdi Hasan Cancelled, Israel AI Assassination Factory, And Scott Horton On Bibi And Hamas 2023-12-04

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