The Magic With Gadgets Podcast brought to you by Samantha Milner of Recipe This. A podcast that teaches people how to cook with their favourite kitchen gadgets.


Title Date published
016: Should You Buy An Air Fryer Lid? 2021-04-05
015: Instant Pot Soup Vs Soup Maker Soup 2021-03-29
0014: Instant Pot Water Test 2021-03-22
013: Air Fryer Oven 101 2021-03-15
012: Soup Maker Basics 2021-03-08
011: My First Week With The Ninja Foodi 2021-03-01
0010: Air Fryer Fajitas 2021-02-22
009: Instant Pot Potatoes 2021-02-15
008: Can You Bake In An Air Fryer 2021-02-08
007: How To Air Fry Frozen French Fries 2021-02-01

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