Upgrade looks at how technology shapes our lives, from the devices in our hands and pockets to the streaming music and video services that keep us entertained. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Jason Snell.


Title Date published
Upgrade 304: Somebody’s Gotta Do It and It’s Gonna Be Us 2020-06-29
Upgrade 303: The Return of Two Old Friends 2020-06-22
Upgrade 302: The WWDC Keynote Draft 2020 2020-06-15
Upgrade 301: Show Me You’re Serious 2020-06-08
Upgrade 300: It's So Hard to Predict the Future 2020-06-01
Upgrade 299: My Gut Says Yes and No 2020-05-25
Upgrade 298: Copy Copy Copy, Paste Paste Paste Paste 2020-05-18
Upgrade 297: Factual Controller 2020-05-11
Upgrade 296: You Wouldn't Believe The Stuff I Know 2020-05-04
Upgrade 295: Leave the Podcast at the Beep 2020-04-27
Upgrade 294: The Phone Was Full of Sawdust 2020-04-20
Upgrade 293: Opt In Your Face 2020-04-13
Upgrade 292: Don't Look Over There! 2020-04-06
Upgrade 291: The Ugly Potatoes Are Used for Fries 2020-03-30
Upgrade 290: You Are The Button 2020-03-24
Upgrade 289: Not So Fast, Uma Thurman 2020-03-16
Upgrade 288: Are We Being Punked? 2020-03-09
Upgrade 287: Constant Applause 2020-03-02
Upgrade 286: You Can't Make Me Change My Pocket 2020-02-24
Upgrade 285: Mac Pros for Mac Pros 2020-02-17

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