Each week Brexit Republic will assess the unfolding developments, explain the complexities, and explore where and how Brexit will have an impact.


Title Date published
Pandemic Podcast: North-South Relations 2020-03-31
Silver Linings? 2020-03-13
Beans and Barnier 2020-03-06
Gove Unprecedented, Boris Unbelievable. 2020-02-27
Are you looking at my Burke? 2020-02-21
Saj To Say I Must Be on Me Way 2020-02-14
Unparliamentary Language 2020-02-06
Bye, Bye, it's B-Day 2020-01-31
The UK's Last Seven Days in the EU Twenty Eight 2020-01-24
The bishop, the bong, the bung and boats from Bruges 2020-01-16
Extra Episode: Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox 2020-01-13
"Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)?" 2020-01-10
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come - Ivan Rogers 2019-12-27
Bye Bye 'Get Brexit Done', Hello 'Unite & Level Up' 2019-12-13
The Sensitive Document and the Handcuffs 2019-12-06
Brexit Republic November 27 2019-11-27
Truth, Clarity and Audience Laughter 2019-11-21
Phil, Fish & Football 2019-11-15
And they're off... 2019-11-07
Hallowe'en - the day of the dead (in a ditch)? 2019-10-31

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