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Title Date published
Facetiming Your Dog Is Weird 2018-11-23
Songs White People Get Turnt To 2018-11-23
Slim Hit On The Wrong Person This Time 2018-11-23
Waited 7 Years For The Proposal 2018-11-23
Quit My Job In The Middle Of the Shift 2018-11-23
Shannon Sends Naked Pic 2018-11-23
The Throwback Throwdown 2018-11-23
Spike's Gripe About Center Lane Drivers 2018-11-23
Mojo's Babysitter Is Hot For Meaghan 2018-11-23
Slim's Mom Called Him Fat 2018-11-23
Phone Scam Harassed At The Craft Store 2018-11-22
Hiding It From My Parents 2018-11-22
War Of The Roses Part 1 2018-11-22
War Of The Roses Part 2 2018-11-22
Things Not To Buy On Black Friday 2018-11-22
Joey Likes Her Sister More 2018-11-22
The Pastor Was On The Group Chat 2018-11-22
Spike's Thanksgiving Prenup 2018-11-22
Woke Up During Surgery 2018-11-22
Worst Husband Ever 2018-11-22

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