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Title Date published
Mike's Daughter Sleeps In His Bed 2019-04-26
Phone Scam Weight Loss Loser 2019-04-25
War Of The Roses Part 2 2019-04-25
War Of The Roses Part 1 2019-04-25
Dead Guy In Parking Lot 2019-04-25
I Once Was A___Now I'm A ___ 2019-04-25
Why Are You Using An Alias 2019-04-25
Why Did Mike Keep His Ex's Sex Toys 2019-04-25
Wished I Never Hooked Up With 2019-04-25
Shannon's Dad Won't Return Her Dog 2019-04-25
Why Did Spike Get Pulled Over 2019-04-25
Why Did Spike Get Pulled Over 2019-04-25
Saw Girlfriend's Dad At Strip Club 2019-04-25
Proposed!!!! Let Me Get Back To Ya On That 2019-04-25
Intern Ari's A Diamond Digger 2019-04-25
The Best Time To Poop 2019-04-25
Phone Scam Switched Diamond 2019-04-24
5 Lies To Tell Your Mom 2019-04-24
6 Words Women Hate 2019-04-24
More Germs On Menu Than Toilet 2019-04-24

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