Incremental Improvement. It's what Matt and the team at Pendola Training focus on every day, from their world-class athletes to moms and dads. Training, Mindset, Integrity...what can you do better TODAY?


Title Date published
E31 Whole Food Nutrition w/Lea Marsland 2019-12-11
E30 Monday Motivation - Mistakes We've Made w/Supplements and Nutrition 2019-12-09
E29 Sports Psychology with Julie Hardt 2019-12-04
E28 Monday Motivation - You're Only Human 2019-12-02
E27 Winning Triathlons at 70 w/Kathleen Dozwell 2019-11-27
E26 Monday Motivation - Habits for Success (Pt 2) 2019-11-25
E25 Training and Shoes for Running w/Matt Balzer 2019-11-20
E24 Monday Motivation - Habits for Success (Pt 1) 2019-11-18
E23 Anxiety 2019-11-13
E22 Monday Motivation - Keto, Vegan, Fasting, What Works? 2019-11-11
E21 Affirmations - Believe to Achieve 2019-11-06
E20 Monday Motivation - Learning Log 2019-11-04
E19 Creating Culture with Dana Hardt 2019-10-30
E18 Monday Motivation - What Makes a Great Teacher? 2019-10-28
E17 Lose Fat AND Gain Muscle 2019-10-23
E16 Monday Motivation - Grace Gratitude & Guts - How to Achieve Greatness 2019-10-21
E15 You CAN Make it, with Rosie and Ilyana 2019-10-16
E14 Monday Motivation - Focus 2019-10-14
E13 The Story of Matt Pendola 2019-10-09
E12 Monday Motivation - Underpromise, Overdeliver 2019-10-07

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