Hosted by Anushka Asthana, Today in Focus brings you closer to Guardian journalism. Combining personal storytelling with insightful analysis, Today in Focus is The Guardian's daily podcast that takes you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news, every weekday. 


Title Date published
Is John Bolton trying to drive Trump to war with Iran? 2019-05-22
Shaken up: will Nigel Farage's Brexit party change politics? 2019-05-21
Abandoned at sea: the cargo crew adrift without wages, fuel or supplies 2019-05-20
Mum and me: a story of immigration and integration 2019-05-17
Facing up to Europe's far right 2019-05-16
India is voting: who is going to win the world's biggest election? 2019-05-15
The Venezuela uprising: the story so far 2019-05-14
Smuggled over the border: the school trip, the Stasi and the East German defector 2019-05-13
Love Corbyn, hate Brexit? Labour's EU elections dilemma 2019-05-10
Anna Sorokin: the fake heiress who fooled everyone 2019-05-09
Fortress Europe: what happens to the refugees sent back to Libya? 2019-05-08
The new space race 2019-05-07
Fired by Trump: former US attorney Preet Bharara on American justice – podcast 2019-05-06
Are non-disclosure agreements out of control? 2019-05-03
Julian Assange and the story of WikiLeaks 2019-05-02
Accused of cheating: another immigration scandal? 2019-05-01
How worried should we be about Huawei? 2019-04-30
On the frontline in the fight for LGBT rights 2019-04-29
Are our blueberries radioactive? The fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster 30 years on 2019-04-26
A week with Extinction Rebellion 2019-04-25

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