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Title Date published
‘Jam Session’ — An Unhappy Conversation About Taylor Swift (Ep. 346) 2017-08-28
'Death Note’ Director Adam Wingard on Building Monsters and Hollywood Whitewashing Controversies (Ep. 345) 2017-08-25
Southern Rap Special: Best Albums, Dopest Mixtapes, and the Future of the Genre (Ep. 344) 2017-08-25
‘Jam Session’ — Taylor Swift Spectacular (Ep. 343) 2017-08-23
'The Big Picture' — Janicza Bravo and Brett Gelman Channel Rejection and Anxiety to Make ‘Lemon’ (Ep. 342) 2017-08-18
'The Big Picture' — The Safdie Brothers and ‘Good Time,’ an Instant New York Classic (Ep. 341) 2017-08-11
'Jam Session'—Malia's Lollapalooza, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's Split, and 'Siesta Key' (Ep. 340) 2017-08-09
'Bachelorette Party'—The Finale With Ben Higgins and Hannah Giorgis (Ep. 339) 2017-08-09
The Big Picture—Taylor Sheridan, 'Wind River,' and How to Write a Killer Movie (Ep. 338) 2017-08-04
'Bachelorette Party' — "Men Tell All" With Wesley Morris (Ep. 337) 2017-08-02
Vic Mensa on ‘The Autobiography,’ Sobriety, and Empathy (Ep. 336) 2017-07-28
'Bachelorette Party' — Rachel's Hometown and Fantasy Suites With Rodger Sherman (Ep. 335) 2017-07-27
'Jam Session' — Angelina Jolie Goes 'Solo' (Ep. 334) 2017-07-26
Gambling on ‘Game of Thrones’ (Ep. 333) 2017-07-22
'The Big Picture' — Jenny Slate, Gillian Robespierre, and Elisabeth Holm on ‘Landline’ (Ep. 332) 2017-07-21
'Bachelorette Party'—Hometowns! With Ashley Iaconetti (Ep. 331) 2017-07-21
'The Big Picture' — Matt Reeves Puts Humanity in ‘The Planet of the Apes’ (Ep. 330) 2017-07-14
'Jam Session' — Scandals: Kardashians, Lena Dunham, and Taylor Swift–Lorde (Ep. 329) 2017-07-13
'Bachelorette Party'—With ABC Executive Rob Mills (Ep. 328) 2017-07-11
'Bachelorette Party' — With Nick Viall (Ep. 327) 2017-07-07

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