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Title Date published
Trump-Biden Debate No. 2 Instant Reaction. Plus, Snapchat’s Peter Hamby 2020-10-23
Trump-Biden Debate Preview. Plus: MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff 2020-10-19
Keith Olbermann on Political Commentary and Mitt Romney. Plus, Failed October Surprises. 2020-10-15
Trump’s Campaign of Self-Sabotage. Plus, The Washington Post’s Robert Costa. 2020-10-14
Pence-Harris Debate Instant Reaction 2020-10-08
The President Has COVID. Plus The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin. 2020-10-05
Debate Fallout and Texas Monthly’s Skip Hollandsworth 2020-10-01
Biden-Trump Debate Instant Reaction 2020-09-30
A Mega-Preview of Next Week’s Debate. Plus, James Poniewozik on Trump and TV. 2020-09-24
RIP RBG. Plus, Jason Gay on Pandemic Sportswriting. 2020-09-21
How Big Ten Football Came Back. Plus, Obama White House Photographer Pete Souza. 2020-09-17
The Joe Rogan Presidential Debate? Plus: Adam Amin on the Return of Football. 2020-09-14
Bob Woodward Is Back. Plus: Don Winslow on Fiction and Politics. 2020-09-10
Trump and the Troops, Back to School (Remotely), and Time’s Molly Ball on Pelosi and the Election 2020-09-09
Brian Stelter on Fox News. Plus, the Week the Campaign Went Nuts and Listener Mail 2020-09-04
Trump’s Crime Talk, the Death of the Newsroom, and Jeff Benedict on the Patriots 2020-08-31
The Best and Worst of the Republican National Convention. Plus, the NBA Strike and Listener Mail. 2020-08-28
What Will the Republican National Convention Look Like? Plus, Sports Announcer Disasters and Ben Jacobs on Kanye for President. 2020-08-24
The Best and Worst of the Democratic Convention. Plus: Listener Mail. 2020-08-21
Covering a Virtual Convention and NBA Playoffs Notes. Plus: Politico’s Alex Thompson on Biden and Obama. 2020-08-17

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